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SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2017 1:00 PM

Located at the Holiday Inn, 4501 Eastgate Blvd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45245.  Exit 63A off I-275 to32 to Eastgate Blvd.

This auction includes the 50 year collection of Ray and Carol Besl, which consists of a fine selection of Period American items.


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1 1817 Wrought Iron Betty Lamp 1817 Wrought Iron Betty Lamp Top engraved with "J.F.C./1817" with twisted wire and iron spike for hanging, sliding lid over reservoir with cut-out standing goose handle, originally tinned with 40% of finish left.   5" x 3" x 6 1/2" high. As above, else Fine. 100 200
2 Wrought Iron Betty Lamp Plus Wrought Iron Betty Lamp Plus Lot of two including a late 18th century wrought iron betty lamp with goose-neck hanger and locking sliding lid for reservoir, 3" x 3 3/4" x 2 1/2" high; and a wrought iron spike with tab with hole for hanging an oil lamp with traces of old green painted finish.   6 3/4" long. 1st with some pitting, else Fine; 2nd Fine. 100 200
3 Rare Wrought Iron Hanging Trammel Candle Light Rare Wrought Iron Hanging Trammel Candle Light Beautifully wrought and trammel adjusts from 36" to 60" long with two candle holders, traces of original black painted finish.  Late 18th or early 19th century. Fine. 200 400
4 Three Early Candlesticks Three Early Candlesticks Including a fine 18th century brass Queen Anne stick, 7 1/2" high, plus an early 19th century brass stick, 4 1/2" high, and a fine 1st quarter of the 19th century wrought iron hog scraper stick with push-up and finger handle, in nice old brown patina.   5" high. All Fine. 50 100
5 Lot of Early Lighting Lot of Early Lighting Lot of three including a fine tin chamber stick with push-up and fluted drip pan and base with ring handle with traces of original black painted finish, 8" diameter x 4 3/4" high, plus wrought iron scissor type wick trimmer in heavy iron with nice old brown patina, 6" long, and a tin and glass hinged lid candle box, 1st half of the 19th century, filled with hand dipped candles.   10 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 4 1/4" high. All Very Good to Fine. 50 100
6 Two Pair Brass Candlesticks Two Pair Brass Candlesticks Both circa 1840-60, bee hive style, one with square base, with push-ups, 10 1/4" high, and round base, 9 3/4" high. 1st Fine, 2nd with minor dent. 80 150
7 Scarce Wrought Iron & Brass Hog Scrapper Candlestick Scarce Wrought Iron & Brass Hog Scrapper Candlestick With push-up and thumb type handle and decorative band of brass on shaft, all in wonderful original old brown patina.   8" high. Fine. 50 100
8 Wrought Iron Eel Gig Wrought Iron Eel Gig 19th century with central lance flanked by four hooked prongs with cone shaped mount.   10" wide x 15 1/2" long. Fine. 100 200
9 Wonderful Miniature Basket Wonderful Miniature Basket With two bent hickory handles, oval form with alternating nature and red washed bands, wonderful old natural polish on handles and top binding. American, 1st half of the 19th century.  6" x  3 3/4" x 4 1/4" high. Fine. 100 200
10 Miniature Stone Fruit Miniature Stone Fruit Scarce in a miniature form, 7 pieces, carved  white marble all in original polychrome painted finish, including two oranges, two figs, two bananas and one apple, bananas circa 3" long. Fine. 50 100
11 Pair Chalkware Doves Pair Chalkware Doves 1st half of the 19th century in original polychrome painted finish, each standing on leafed tree stump, 11" high. Fine. 80 120
12 Two Chalkware Dogs Two Chalkware Dogs Both standing poodles, in original gold painted finish, one is 6" x 3" x 7 1/2" high and 4" x 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" high, 1st half of the 19th century. Minor wear to paint, else Both Fine. 80 120
13 Six Papier-Mache Snuff Boxes Six Papier-Mache Snuff Boxes All circa 1810-30, all transfer printed lids including a polychrome hand colored tavern scene with 8 figures, 3 3/4" diameter, plus half length portrait of a young lady, 3 1/2" diameter, plus 2nd polychrome painted tavern scene with two figures at table, 3 3/4" diameter, plus three women fighting in yard, 3 3/4" diameter, plus polychrome painted figure of Britannia and three other figures, 3 1/4" diameter, and Scottish Castle scene, 3" diameter. 1st & 4th with minor chips, all with some wear, overall Very Good. 100 200
14 Fine Snuff Box with Portrait Fine Snuff Box with Portrait Hand painted miniature of a young Prince of Wales in 18th century dress, artist signed too right of shoulder, faux tortious shell round friction fitted lid, 2 1/4" diameter, likely British, circa 1910. Good condition. 80 120
15 Victorian Brass Sewing Bird Victorian Brass Sewing Bird Table clamp with nice details of feathers and cast floral on mount and threaded clamp, traces of original silver plate.   4" x 2" x 5" high. As above, else Fine. 50 100
16 Copper Eagle Pudding Mold Copper Eagle Pudding Mold Or Jello mold, 2nd quarter or the 19th century, American with 94% or original tin plating.   5 1/2" long x 4" wide & high. Fine. 30 50
17 Early American Collander Early American Collander Tin and steel, decorated with punched hearts and tulips on sides, opposed fixed steel strap handles, flared foot with base having punched 6 pedal flower, 13" diameter x 6 1/2" high, with 90% of original tin finish. As above, else Fine. 30 50
18 Two Wrought Brass Flat Irons Two Wrought Brass Flat Irons Each with original turned wood handle and hinged door at rear for adding hot iron, 2nd quarter of the 19th century.   Circa 5 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 5" high. Both Fine. 30 50
19 Early American Blown Glass Early American Blown Glass Lot of two, both clear, including a nice Pittsburgh milk or water pitcher with applied C form air trap handle and ring at neck, snapped pontil, 8 3/4" high, and ring necked decanter with original hollow air trap tear drop stopper, graphite pontil 10 1/2" high. Both Fine. 50 100
20 Three Early Blown Glass Decanters Three Early Blown Glass Decanters All  clear, Including a fine cut leaded glass decanter with fluted neck and base, faceted stopper with copper wheel engraved stars and banding on body, ground and polished pontil, 9" high and a pair of American decanters or large cruets with flower engraving on air trap stoppers and neck and body, ground and polished pontil, 8" high. 1st Fine; 2nd one with line in one stopper base, else Fine. 50 100
21 Large Group Dark Blue Staffordshire Large Group Dark Blue Staffordshire Lot of 8, including a lidded sugar bowl with English landscape with two fishermen at river with ruins, stamped "Enoch Wood & Sons/Burslem"  7" x 4 1/2" x 5" high, plus creamer with Garden scene with English lady with Chinese servant with parasol, marked "Stone China",  4 1/2" high, plus 10" plate stamped "Enoch Wood & Sons/Burslem" and titled "Wardour Castle Wiltshire", plus 10" plate stamped Enoch Wood & Sons Burslem" titled "Holyrood House Edinburgh", plus deep saucer with erupting Mt. Vesuvius in background and ruins in foreground, stamped "Wedgwood", 5" diameter, and three handle less cups, one London shape with stag in English landscape, two round bowls with basket and flowers and stag in English landscape, all unmarked, circa 3 1/2" diameter x 2 1/4" high. All with some damage. 50 100
22 Early English Leeds China Early English Leeds China Lot of 5, including a large handle less cup & saucer with polychrome painted stylized floral decoration, 6" diameter saucer, 2 1/4" high cup, plus sugar bowl with two handles and polychrome painted pineapple in basket, 3" high, plus creamer with polychrome painted floral, 3" high, plus a marbled waste bowl, 6" diameter x 3" high, and a quatrefoil form creamer with relief classical figures and brown painted vining floral, 4 1/2" high. All but 4th are pearl ware bodies. 2nd with hairline, else All Fine. 50 100
23 Large Group of Staffordshire Including Spatterware Large Group of Staffordshire Including Spatterware Lot of 10, including a green Peafowl 8" plate, plus brown transfer printed French Revolution plate, 8 1/4" diameter, plus blue spatter ware deep saucer with single rose, 5 1/4" diameter, plus blue spatter ware saucer, 5 1/2" diameter, plus two London shaped handle less spatter ware cups, one with fern leaf decoration, 2 1/4" high, plus medium blue transfer printed London shaped cup with bee scape, 1 3/4" high, and four light blue transfer printed cup plates with oriental scene 4" diameter. 1st & 2nd  with line, 3rd with old staple repair, others fine. 50 100
24 Scarce Cincinnati Yellowware Garfield Memorial Pitcher Scarce Cincinnati Yellowware Garfield Memorial Pitcher Made by Wm. Bromley in Cincinnati, molded Yellowware with bust portraits of Garfield on each side with wreath surround surmounted by dove with U.S. shield below, leaf form handle, in Rockingham type glaze.   11 1/4" high. A couple tiny glaze flakes, else Fine. 200 400
25 Yellowware Seated Spaniel Yellowware Seated Spaniel Fine large dog figurine on square base with mounted Indian with lance on each side of base, in Rockingham type glaze.  6 1/2" x 8" x 11" high. Fine. 100 200
   Pages 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11   Lot # 1 - 25