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This auction includes items from a Warren County, Ohio 50 year collection and other estates.


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61 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR EARLY 20TH CENTURY OIL PAINTING Fine 19 1/2" x 27 1/2" oil on canvas of a European landscape.  Appears to be unsigned.   Good condition. 150 350
62 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR RARE 19TH CENTURY HOLBERT HORSE IOWA LITHOGRAPH Rare original 19th Century four color lithograph of the world's greatest importing establishment, "A.B. Holbert Horse Importer, Greeley, Delaware County, Iowa".  Printed by Gugler Litho Co., Milwaukee.  Extremely rare print.  Sight 23 1/2" x 29".   Print is not trimmed.  Excellent condition. 600 1200
63 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR CERTIFICATE OF PEDIGREE OF COACH HORSE LITHOGRAPH The German Honoverian and Oldenburg, Coach Horse Association of American.  Four color lithograph printed by Gugler Litho Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Sight 19 1/2" x 24 1/2". Unused.  Good condition.   300 600
64 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR THREE WALLACE NUTTING PRINTS Three Wallace Nutting (Massachusetts/Rhode Island, 1861-1941) hand colored photograph prints.  Pencil signed "Wallace Nutting" and titled "The Book Settle", 9 1/4" x 4"; plus "A Bit of Sewing", 7 1/2" x 9 1/2"; plus "A Silent Shore", 6 1/2" x 4 1/2".    Good condition. 80 150
65 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR LOUIS DALRYMPLE (NEW YORK, 1865-1905) WATERCOLOR OF STOCK BROKER 28" x 20" cartoonish style watercolor of a man (assumed to be Jas. Taylor) reading stock ticker. Signed "Dalrymple" lower right. Louis Dalrymple was noted for his often political cartoonish work for Puck magazine.   Good condition. 150 350
66 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR EARLY WOOD ROCKING HORSE IN ORIGINAL PAINT  With fine old white, black, red and blue painted sponge type finish, original straw stuffed canvas saddle with fringe, 10.5” x 41” x 22.5” high. Wear to saddle, tail missing, old repair to neck.  150 350
67 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR DAISY CHILD'S WOOD WAGON  Circa 1890-1900 in original red painted finish with black stenciled name and decorations on sides, wood spooked wheels with steel rims, 13” x 40” x 8” high. Minor wear.. 100 300
68 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR EARLY SCHOENHUT HIPPO TOY  With glass eyes, worn original painted finish, leather tail and ears, 8.5” long x 5” high. Replaced ears, good condition. 80 150
69 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR TWO SCHOENHUT ANIMALS  Including an elephant in original painted finish with cord tail and canvas ears and leather tusks, 8” long x 6.5” high; and a circus monkey in tattered original outfit and paint, 8” high. First good condition, second with one foot missing.   100 150
70 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR BUDDY L PRESSED STEEL FIRE LADDER TRUCK TOY  In old red repainted finish, circa 1920’s, 9” x 37” x 9” high. As above, otherwise fine condition. 200 400
71 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR KEYSTONE PRESSED STEEL DUMP TRUCK TOY  In original black and red painted finish, 8” x 26” x 8.5” high. Good condition. 200 300
72 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR HUBLEY "HUBER" CAST IRON STEAM ROLLER TOY  In original polychrome painted finish with nickeled wheels and rollers, marked “Huber” on each side of cab and has driver, 7.5” x 3.25” x 5.25” high. Very good paint, good condition.   300 500
73 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR ARCADE FORD SEDAN & COUPE CAST IRON TOYS  The sedan in old gray paint, 6” x 2.5” x 4” high; and the coupe in original yellow paint, 4” x 1.75” x 2.5” high. Good condition.   80 150
74 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR ESBIT GERMAN TOY STEAM ENGINE  Includes the engine house, belt drive splitter and two belt driven tools, all mounted on oak board, with original box of fuel from Esbit, circa 1930’s, 11.5” x 21.5” x 8” high. Fine condition. 100 150
75 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR AMF DR. PEPPER PEDAL  CAR Made in Olney, Ill. In original green, white and red painted finish with original decals on sides, unusual with original added back basket like compartment to rear of car with chromed rails, 40” x 13” x 18.5” high. Crack in plastic wind screen, some wear to paint, still very good. 200 400
76 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR CHAMPION JET FLOW DRIVE PEDAL CAR In original blue, silver and white painted finish with decal on seat back, and airplane hood ornament, made by Murray, in Cleveland, Ohio, 33” x 14” x 20” high. Fair condition.  150 350
77 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR PATENT MODEL OF HORSE DRAWN PLANTER  In hand carved wood and steel with chisel type plows on underside that can be raised or lowered by levers next to the drivers seat. Another lever opens seed hoppers, 9" wide x 8.5" high x 24" long. Circa 1880's. Fine, one metal piece detached but present.   400 800
78 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR EDGAR LONGSTAFFE (BRITAIN) OIL PAINTING Edgar Longstaffe (Britain) 12" x 13 1/2" oil on board.  Titled "In Glen Coe" (Scotland).  Signed with monogram lower right.  Well listed artist.   Good condition. 300 500
79 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR MARTIN B. LEISSER (PA./CALIF.) OIL PAINTING Martin B. Leisser (Pennsylvania/California, 1846-1940) 26" x 42" oil on canvas of a harbor scene.  Signed lower right "M.B. Leisser".  Leisser was one of the first Pittsburgh artists to transcribe the industrial scenes of the city in his paintings.  A great painting, definitely one of his major works.   Good condition. 800 1500
80 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR AFTER TENIERS 19TH CENTURY OIL PAINTING 13 1/4" x 19 3/4" oil on wood panel of a boy with dog.  Illegible writing on verso which appears to be "Frieda Edle Von Kuppel, Austria".   Good condition. 300 500
81 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FERDINAND KRUMHOLZ (AUSTRIA) ARTIST PORTFOLIO Ferdinand Krumholz (Austria, 1810-1878) portfolio included is an extremely well done 9 3/4" x 12" watercolor of a landscape with lake; plus a very well done pencil drawing of a tree and foliage; both unsigned.  Plus 20 pages of different engravings. On back page of book cover it is noted in pencil that this was "Ferdinand Krumholz Artist Album, from Mrs. Amelia Pabst Wilson Leismann".   Good condition. 200 400
82 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR JOHANNES H.B. KOEKKOEK (DUTCH) OIL PAINTING Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek (Dutch, 1840-1912) 10 1/2" x 14 1/2" oil on board titled "A Rough Day in Swansea Bay" on verso.  Signed lower right "Jan H.B. Koekkoek" and dated "77".  Koekkoek, Dutch marine painter from one of the most important families in Dutch painting.   Good condition. 800 1500
83 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR NAPOLEON GIROTTO (19TH-20TH CENTURY) WATERCOLOR Napoleon Girotto (Italian) 15" x 10 3/4" watercolor on paper of Italian lady spinning yarn.  Signed "Nap Girotto" lower right.   Fine condition. 150 350
84 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR SIGNED CHAPARTEGO EARLY 20TH CENTURY WATERCOLOR 11 1/2" x 6" watercolor on paper.  City scene.  Signed "Chapartego Sevilla" lower left.   Good condition. 80 150
85 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR SIGNED ANDRE WATERCOLOR 10" x 12 1/2" watercolor on paper of farm scene.  Signed "Andre" lower right, "36" lower left. Fine condition. 100 300
86 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR PENELOPE PILKINGTON (BRITISH) WATERCOLOR PAINTING Penelope Pilkington (British, 20th Century) 13" x 9 1/2" watercolor of a farrier shoeing a horse.  Signed lower left "P.L. Pilkington".   Good condition. 150 350
87 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR PHILIP KILNER (BRITAIN) OIL PAINTING 6" x 14 1/4" early 20th Century oil on canvas of sailboats.  Signed "P. Kilner" lower right. Good condition. 100 300
88 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR SIGNED GIOVINOTTO ITALIAN OIL PAINTING 7" x 5" oil on canvas painting of a Venetian scene by listed artist Giovinotto (Italian).  Signed lower right "Giovinotto". Good condition. 100 300
89 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR MCCARTHEY, MAYSVILLE, KY. BLUE DECORATED JAR A jar with cobalt stenciled “G.A. McCarthey & Bro. Maysville Ky.”, wax seal canning jar circa 1 quart, 8” high. Small chip on inside of lip, very good. 200 400
90 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR MCCARTHEY, MAYSVILLE, KY. BLUE DECORATED JAR Circa 2 gallon jar with stenciled “G.A. McCarthey Maysville, Ky.” on body and 4 cobalt bands around body with vining leaf along lower half of body, 10” high. Fine condition. 200 400
90A TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR BLUE DECORATED STONEWARE LIDDED JAR  With original lid, body decorated with leaves around the shoulder, circa 1 gallon, 9” high. Fine condition. 150 300
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