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This auction includes items from a Warren County, Ohio 50 year collection and other estates.


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241 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR SUGAR LOAF MT. PARK COLO. ALBUMEN  Stereoview on 4.2 x 6.8" flat mount by "Continent Stereoscopic Company" showing a man with rifle at the base of Sugar Loaf. Minor soil, otherwise fine condition.   100 200
242 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR TWO KILBURN RAILROAD STEREOVIEWS  Both albumen arch top on curved 4.25" x 7" mounts. Titles include "725 Ethan Crawford Rock, Mt. Washington" and "712 Railway Train Summit of Mt. Washington". Both with B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, N.H. imprint. Very good condition. 80 120
243 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR REAL PHOTO POST CARD OF DOUBLE LYNCHING  A silver gelatin photo of a 1930 lynching of two African American men that took place in Marion, Indian on Aug. 7th. The men named Shipp & Smith were accused of murder and rape and were taken from the county jail with the cooperation of the police by a large mob. The photo was taken by a local studio photographer named Lawrence Beitler. Some bends.  300 500
244 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR RARE STEREOVIEWS OF WAYNESVILLE, OHIO  Most by Geo. N. Whitaker, lot of 13, many with inked manuscript titles on rear. Minor soil, otherwise fine condition. 100 300
245 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FIVE ALBUMEN STEREOVIEWS OF WESTERN SCENES All 3.5” x 7” flat mounts and includes three with Muybridge, Bradley & Bulodson imprints and two by Kilburn Brothers, subjects include Yosemite Valley, & Sierra Nevada Mountains. Minor soil, otherwise fine condition.   100 200
246 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR NINE ALBUMEN STEREOVIEWS OF U.S. VIEWS  7 are 3.5” x 7” flat mounts including two by Charles A. Zimmerman of St. Paul, Minnesota; plus Kilburn Brothers of Florida, side wheel steam boat, & Echo Lake, N.H., plus Saratoga Photograph Co. view of Lake Reflection Geyser; plus anonymous view of Mt. Cannon and Profile Lake; and two4.25” x 7” flat mounts including one of Columbus Hospital for the Insane by Kelton & Gates, Columbus, and Chicago street scene by Gates. All with some soil and bumped corners.  Good to very good. 80 120
247 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 8 ALBUMEN STEREOVIEWS OF NIAGARA FALLS  All 3.5” x 7”, and most by Geo. Baker. Minor soil, Very good. 50 100
248 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 7 ALBUMEN STEREOVIEWS OF SARATOGA, N.Y.  All 3.5” x 7” flat mounts on yellow card stock by Saratoga Photograph Co., various titles. Minor soil and bumped corner, Very good. 80 120
249 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 12 ALBUMEN STEREOVIEWS OF NEW YORK & VICINITY  All 3.5” x 7” flat mounts on orange card stock mounts, all but three are arch top views, various titles. All very good.  One with bad corner chip to mount.   100 150
250 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 8 ALBUMEN TISSUE STEREOVIEWS  All European Scenes, with watercolor backgrounds and pinhole lights. Four with imprint of G.A.F. Paris, others all in matching embossed yellow card stock mounts. Some small tears. 100 200
251 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR ALBUMEN PHOTO OF CLIPPER SHIP BY N.L. STEBBINS  Washington & Boston, Mass. and wonderful 8" x 10" image of a clipper under full sail, matted and framed in period frame, 14" x 16". Slightly light in center, otherwise fine condition. 100 200
252 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR ALBUMEN PHOTO OF SHIP BY N.L. STEBBINS  Washington and Boston, Mass. a fine 8" x 10" of a U.S. Navy steam and sail frigate in harbor, matted and framed in period frame, 14" x 16". Fine condition. 100 200
253 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWI ERA 13 STAR BANNER  Printed in linen and mounted on original gilt painted wood dowel with ball finials with canton pattern of large central star surrounded by 12 smaller in circle, 8” x 22”. Minor soil, very good condition. 100 200
254 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 44 STAR U.S. FLAG Printed wool canton with machine sewn stripes. Canvas hoist with 3 brass grommets, stamped "Patented Apr. 26th 1870 American Ensign 6-FT.", 38" x 78". Scattered moth damage, otherwise fine condition. 150 300
255 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR THREE POLITICAL AUTOGRAPHED TLS  Including Hubert Humphrey, Ted Kennedy & Richard Nixon, all ink signed on typed letters, Nixon is one of the many autopen signatures on White House stationary, Humphrey & Kennedy are on Senate letterhead. All fine condition. 80 120
256 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR MS JOHN PENN 1766 LAND SURVEY DOCUMENT  (1729-1795) grandson of Wm. Penn. Dated Aug. 1, 1766 warrant for survey of 200 acres of land rented to Edward Ward, in Cumberland Co., Pa., in the southern central part of the state. John Penn was the last colonial governor of Pennsylvania. Document is on laid paper and 9.5" x 13.5" with normal folds. As above, otherwise fine condition. 100 200
257 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 1850'S HISTORICAL DESK OF CAPT. KIMBALL HARLOW Wonderful large mahogany table top desk with brass inlay consisting of divided board storage under lid, fold down top with writing surface and three small hidden drawers within.  The name "K. Harlow" is inscribed on the brass plaque on the lid.  Captain Kimball Harlow was in command of the ship "Telegraph" which was built and launched in 1851 from Medford, MA.  He also was in command of other ships in the 1850's including "King Fisher" in 1858.  Later in history a WWII ship was named after Captain Harlow.  This desk was handed down in the family and through marriage was once again used by a famous captain.  This time it was Captain F.G. Wadsworth, who was in command of the U.S. Treasury cutter "Algonquin" around the Spanish-American War.  He actually won a race with other cutters while patrolling the 1901 America's Cup Race Off in New York.  This lot also includes the contents of the desk which there are over one dozen letters addressed to Captain Wadsworth including some from the head of the U.S. Treasury Dept.; three 1903 blank American Cup Race tickets which reads admit ______ on board U.S.S. Algonquin; large lot of Revenue Service Cutter stationary; copy of document naming F.G.F. Wadsworth as Senior Captain of Revenue Cutter Service by Teddy Roosevelt; copies of other documents; pen knife; pen; misc. and 1980's letters explaining some of the genealogy.   9" high x 20 1/2" wide x 12" deep. Small amount of brass inlay missing on lid and around bottom edge.   500 1000
258 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR J. METZER FULL STOCK CURLY MAPLE FLINT-LOCK RIFLE  Tiger maple full-stock with engraved and pierced brass patch box, butt plate, ram rod ferrules and end cap. Lock plate marked "Sweitner" boldly stamped "J.METZGER" on top of octagon barrel. Jacob Metzger, Sr. (c. 1765-c. 1826), Frederick, MD. Late 18th/first quarter 19th century. 43" barrel, 57.5" long. Stock is beautifully carved with scrolled floral designs and inset with engraved German silver. Standing front and rear sights, converted to percussion. Uncleaned in wonderful old polished patina, steel uniform dark brown. Tight crack in stock, otherwise fine condition. 1000 2000
259 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FULL STOCK CURLY MAPLE PERCUSSION RIFLE  With engraved lock plate marked "H. Brown/Dayton". With 40.5" long hexagonal rifled barrel with steel standing rear sight and brass front sight, brass trigger guard, ram rod sleeves and end cap and brass stat inset in left side of stock, uncleaned in dark brown patina, total length 57" with period hickory ram rod. Fine condition. 400 600
259A TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR J. BAILLIE LITHO BATTLE OF MONTEREY  Hand colored showing the U.S. troops charging the Mexican forces, printed in N.Y., circa 1846, matted and framed in period ogee, 13.5" x 18.25". Very good condition. 100 200
260 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR GETTYSBURG FOLK ART CANE  With pyro decoration including inscription reading "Culps Hill" over 7 Union Army Corps Badges with nice old patina, 35.7" long. Fine condition. 200 400
261 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR TWO ALBUMEN CDV'S OF LINCOLN  Includes a fine five dollar bill portrait with back mark of Wm. A. Morrow, Hillsboro, Ohio; and a half length portrait with back mark of W. Winder & Co., Cincinnati. Both with minor soil, second removed from scrape book with paste on rear, otherwise fine.  80 120
262 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR EARLY COPY PHOTO OF CSA SOLDIER  A circa 1890 copy enlargement of an unidentified CSA enlisted man, 7.75" x 9" likely made from an original salt print. This soldier is wearing a shell jacket with straight collar typical of many CSA uniforms as well as the broad brimmed hat.. Slight corner damage, Very good. 150 300
263 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FOUR CIVIL WAR PHOTOGRAPHS Includes 2 cased images, a 6th plate tintype of a unidentified officer in 9 button frock coat with eagle belt plate in embossed patriotic full case with gilt U.S. flag; plus a 9th plate ruby ambrotype half length portrait of unidentified soldier in kepi, mounted in a black geometric Union case; plus a very worn 6th plate tintype portrait of Union soldier in 9 button shell jacket, lacking case; and an albumen cdv of Major General Joseph Hooker with back mark of J.S. Doan, Cincinnati with orange 2 cent Washington Internal Revenue stamp with inked cancellation. 1st minor discoloration; 2nd fine; 3rd poor; 4th very Good. 100 200
264 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR CIVIL WAR CAVALRY SADDLE  In moderately worn brown leather with brass mounts and original cast iron stirrups, 18” long. A private purchase officer type saddle, circa 1862-4. Leather to one side missing, fair condition.  100 300
265 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR INDIAN WARS CABINET CARD OF YOUNG INFANTRYMAN  In full winter uniform with great coat, kepi and Springfield trapdoor rifle with bayonet, imprint of Urlin & Pfeifer, Columbus, Ohio. Fine condition. 80 120
266 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR MEXICAN BORDER WAR PHOTOGRAPH  A 10.5” x 8.5” silver print photo showing column of U.S. Army artillery and infantry moving through the Mexican desert in pursuit of Pancho Villa after his notorious raid on Columbus, N.M. in 1916. Matted and framed, 17” x 14.5”. These photos of this short lived border war are fairly rare. A few creases, otherwise fine condition. 100 200
267 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR JAPANESE ARMY OFFICERS SWORD From the Russo-Japanese War, with 34.75" single edged steel blade cast brass guard/knuckle bow, brass full back strap with floral decoration, brass wire wrapped black ribbed grip and brass nut on pommel, total length 40". Includes original nickeled steel scabbard with one carrying ring & drag, 36.5" long. Minor oxidation, and dents in scabbard, otherwise fine condition. 150 250
268 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR MODEL 1902 U.S. ARMY OFFICERS SWORD  With 29.75" etched nickeled steel single edged blade with patriotic motifs, marked on right riccasso with star of David and "Proved", marked on left riccasso "U.S. Army Regulation Standard American Made in U.S.A." with nickeled steel guard/branching knuckle bow, full blackstrap with stepped pommel and black thermal plastic grip. Includes original nickeled steel scabbard with stepped throat, 2 carrying rings, drag and sword rig chin, total length 37". Slight spots on scabbard, otherwise fine condition. 100 200
269 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR GERMAN WWI HELMET In wonderful original early style cameo painted finish, original leather liner and chin strap and painted name of owner on inside reading “Mush. Noack”. Very minor wear, fine. 200 400
269A TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWII  "BRITISH EMPIRE AFRICAN SERVICE MEDAL"  A silver 36.4mm diameter medal with obverse having the continent of Africa with surrounding inscription “African Service Medal Afrikadiens-Medalje”, reverse with leaping springbuck antelope in velt landscape, stamped on edge “C167586 J.D. Prins”, with original three color silk ribbon, total length with ribbon 11.5cm. The African Service Medal was the Union of South Africa campaign medal for service during WWII, instituted by King Geo. VI in Dec. of 1943 and was awarded to soldiers from South Africa who served in the war, most during service in North Africa. Prins is likely a officer, due to the lack of Regimental information on edge stamp. Excellent condition. 80 100
270 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR PRUSSIAN WWI LOBSTER TAIL HELMET  With inked Ms. Note reading Prussian Dress Helmet From the Bismarck era, circa 1915, worn by German officer who was a staff officer prior to WWI. Brought back in 1918 by Cyrus (Cy) Cofferty from Franklin, (OH.) when he returned from WWI. He lived on South Main St., Franklin, Ohio” in nickel finish with original leather liner. Nickel worn, otherwise fine.  150 300
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