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Located at the Stark County Fairgrounds, 305 Wertz Ave. NW, Canton, Ohio 44708.



M.B. White Photo USS Akron-Duralumin

Duralumin Bank & Frame

Nice Lot of Other Duralumin Items

Original John Wilkes Boothe & Edwin Booth Playbills

Andrew Jackson Signed Document

Close-Up of Autograph

Autograph Photo of McKinley

Autograph McKinley Indian Agent Document

Autograph McKinley Indian Agent Document

Autograph McKinley Document

Autographed McKinley Document

Close-Up of Signature

Autograph McKinley & Wife Photos

Autographed McKinley Cleveland Centennial Document

Autograph McKinley & Wife Document

Autograph Andrew Jackson Land Grant

Close-Up of Autograph

Autographed Theodore Roosevelt Letter

Letter Written by James A. Garfield Signed

Front of Garfield Letter

Autographed Benjamin Harrison Document

Close-Up Autograph

Lot of Two Autographed McKinley Letters

Signed John Philip Sousa Letter

Lot of Two Admiral Dewey Letters

Arthur St. Clair Signed Document

Close-Up of Signature

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

Republican Club McKinley Ribbon

Fine McKinley & Hobart Silk Banner

McKinley Lot

McKinley & Hobart Flag Poster

Teddy Roosevelt Bronze Plaque by Frazer

Lg. Photo McKinley & Stark Co. Officials

Lg. McKinley Photo

Lg. McKinley Photo in Lodge Uniform

Lg. Framed Presidents Washington to Coolidge

Lg. McKinley Brass Badge

Front of Rough Riders Club McKinley/Roosevelt Brass Badge

Back of Rough Riders Club McKinley/Roosevelt Brass Badge

Lot of R.B. Hayes & Chester A. Arthur Clipped Signatures

Lot of Cello Pin Backs

Sound Money McKinley/Roosevelt Ribbons with Medal

Great Grant Ferrotype Brass Pin Back

Wonderful Theodore Roosevelt Spectacle Stick Pin

Bryan Gold Bug Mechanical Pin Back

Front Douglas/Johnson Ferrotype Medal

Back Douglas/Johnson Ferrotype Medal

Sound Money Mechanical Medal, One of Three

Sound Money Mechanical Medal, One of Three

James Monroe Land Grant

Close-Up of Autograph

Fine Buffalo Bill Photo

Wild West Photo of Chief Iron Tail

Printed Linen Minstral Broadside

Woodrow Wilson Signed Document

Close-Up of Autograph

Harry Truman Signed Document

Close-Up of Autograph

GAR Yard Long Photo

Lg. Albumen Photo B&O Locomotive

Lg. McKinley Photo w/Two Autographs

Close-Up of Autograph

FDR Autographed Litho

Close-Up of Autograph

Yard Long Photo 1925 Agathon Baseball Park

Early Lg. Baseball Team Photo

Birdseye View Litho of New Bedford

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

Wm. J. Bryan Family Litho

Lg. Lincoln Etching Signed T. Johnson

Close-Up of Signature

Wonderful Seymour; Anti-U.S. Grant Campaign Litho

Lg. Lincoln Litho by Kurtz & Allison

Lincoln Signing Emancipation w/Cabinet Litho Signed

McKinley Figural Clock

C & I Hand Colored Lincoln Print

1861 Ship Broadside

Grant Ferrotype Stick Pin

Benjamin Harrison Campaign Medal

3 McKinley & Hobart Cello Pinbacks

McKinley & Hobart Photo Medallion

McKinley & Hobart Photo Medallion

Brass Benjamin Harrison Figural Match Safe

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

McClellan Ferrotype Button

Harrison & Morton Printed Kerchief

1840's Ram Broadside

Harrison & Morton Flag Broadside

1879 Ohio Farm Auction Broadside

Early Circus Broadside

Canton Illustrated Farm Auction Broadside

GAR Yard Long Photo

Baseball Yard Long Semi-Pro Champs, OH & PA, 1920.

LBJ Autographed Document

LBJ Autographed Program

Taft Signed Photo

Ike Signed Photo

Coolidge Signed Document

Close-Up of Signature

Phrenology Poster

18th Century Map of Europe

Close Up of Map

Declaration of Independence in Copper

1876 Museum Broadside

Lg. Gen. McClellan Kurtz & Allison Litho

Lg. Garfield & Family Litho

Bryan & Sewall Printed Kerchief

Taft & Sherman Campaign Poster

Relic Wood Items - White House, McKinley, USS Constitution & More

Many Lg. Lots of Early Photos, Many from NE Ohio

Civil War items

Civil War Powder Flakes

Civil War Images

Trade Catalog Incl. Baby Carriages, Farm Machinery & More

Trade Catalog - H.P. Diehl Co. Fireworks

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

Lot of 3 Bryan, Garfield, & Other Campaign Ribbons

Pr. French Revolution Medals

Selection of McKinley & Other Books

Dueber Watch Items

Dueber Watch Items

Front of Vacheron & Constantine 14K Pocket Watch

Back of Vacheron & Constantine 14K Pocket Watch

Enameled 14K Columbus Pocket Watch

Two Massillon Pocket Watches

Lg. French Regulateur Pocket Watch

Coin Hunter Case Hamden Pocket Watch

Two Hamden Pocket Watches

Lot of Pocket Watches

Early Silver Irish Pocket Watch

Tintype of Slave Nanny

Two Victorian Gold & Hair Watch Chains

Dueber Hamden Pocket Watch

Lot of Approx. 400 Massillon Postcards

Lot of Kennedy & Other Campaign Items

Lot of Early Photography

Scarce Cleveland & Hendricks Ribbon

Warren G. Harding Autograph

Franklin Pierce Signed Ambasssador Appointment

Close-Up of Pierce Signature

Tiffany Co. Sterling Acorn Stick Pin


Close Up of Medal

Lot of Ohio CW & GAR Medals

Silver Coal Miners Medal

Lot of WWI & WWII Military Items

Other WWII Items

Lg. Nazi Flag

Early Land Grants

Lot of McKinley Campaign Items

Garfield Club Ribbon w/Cello

Fine McKinley Ribbon

Martin VanBuren Autographed Land Grant

Close of Signature

Lot of Silver Match Safes Plus

Misc. Sterling Items

Lg. Lot of Early Lodge Items

Lg. Lot of Early Watch Fobs

Lg. Lot of Early Stick Pins

OH & PA Governors Signed Land Grants

Stephen Douglas Signed Document

Henry Ward Beecher

Humphrey Bogart Signed Typed Letter

Close-Up of Bogart Signature

Signed Photos of Cagney & Bing Crosby

Lillian Gish Signed Photo and Book

Autographs of Reagan, Clinton, Bush

Autographs of Daniel Webster's Works

Close Up of Webster Signature

GAR Medal

Union Officer's Belt Plate

Civil War Items

Civil War Prisoner of War Bone Flute

GAR Ribbons

Relic Flag From Civil War Fort Ethan Allen

CSA Gen. Hood's Family Photo

Civil War Letter & Photo Archive - 6th Ohio Vol. Cavalry

James Monroe Land Grant

Monroe Signature

Lot of Civil War Patriotic Covers

Civil War Documents

Lot of CSA Bonds

Lot of Uncut Early Currency Sheets

Lot of Early Paper Currency

Lg. Early Photo Central Union Telephone Co.

Hundreds of Great Photos To Be Sold in Lots

Lots of Early Tradecards

Lg. Collection of Stereoviews To Be Sold In Lots

Several Photo Albums

100's of Glass Plate Negatives

Lot of Lincoln & McClellan Sample Ballots

Lot of Civil War Documents

Lot Early Football & Soap Box Derby Programs

Many Lots of McKinley Ephemera

Misc. Lapel Pins Incl. Gold Examples

Silver Liberty Head Coin Blow-Out Jewelry

Front of Relic Wood From Mt. Vernon

Back of Relic Wood From Mt. Vernon

Baby Bonnet Made by Mrs. John Calhoun

Cleveland & Thruman Bandana

Civil War General Bronze Bust

Lot of Early Cased Photographs

Novelty Knife Co. Catalogs

1000's of Items

Many Great Lots

Great Estate

100's of Photos

McKinley Portrait on Linen

Early Automobile Catalogs

Russell & Huber Tractor Catalogs

Enterprise Coffee Mill

The Schuster Brewing Co. Tradecard Autograph

Samuel Chase Letter

Close-Up of Signature

Lg. Lot Dueber Hampden Ephemera

Lg. Lot of McKinley Items

Relic Bronze Bookends From USS Constitution

USS Akron Archive

Two Cleveland & One McKinley Campaign Canes

Garfield Memorial Paper

Cleveland & Bryan Campaign Posters

Lincoln & Family Etching

Theodore Roosevelt & McKinley Campaign Poster

Four Lots of Sterling Souvenir & Other Spoons

Lot of Sterling Halloware

Lg. Lot of Early CDV Photos

Four Grant & Sherman CDVs

Lot of Special People CDVs

Lot of Politicians CDV Photos

Lot of Civil War CDV Photos, Some Id'd

Lof of Civil War Era Exterior CDV Photos

Lot of Lincoln CDV Photos

McKinley Bootjack

Great GAR Ladder Badge & Paperweight

McKinley Figural Match Safe

Lot of McKinley & Other

WWII Posters

Early Theater Poster

Liberian Paper

Civil War Newspapers

Cleveland Paper

Dentist Broadside

1879 Auction Broadside

German Silver

Early Massillon Paper

Civil War Papers

Stark Co. Atlass

Medina Co. Atlass

Bureau of Ethnology by Powell

James Buchanan Book

1812 Intro To Science of Geography by Keith

1775 Fables by the Late Mr. Gay

Butler's Atlas & Smith's Guide for Travelers

1865 Soldiers National Cemetary

1852 The Arrest of Abby Warner

1673 Observations by Ray

Capt. John Brown

1 of 3 Book Presses

Still Unpacking

Many Books
Stairway Was Loaded