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Lot # 121 - 160
Lot #
121 U.S. CAVALRY SADDLE BAGS Circa 1890.  Three strap pockets with flap stamped "U.S.".  
122 U.S. ARMY SKELETON RIGGED PACKERS SADDLE With brown tooled leather over rawhide wrapped wood tree.  Lacking stirrup leather, fender and stirrups.  
123 GORDON HOPE GRANT (NEW YORK) OIL PAINTING Gordon Hope Grant (New York, 1875-1962) 28" x 36" oil on canvas of World War II U.S. Pacific fleet.  Signed lower left "Gordon Grant' and dated 1944.  A great painting of the U.S.S. Sims with aircraft carrier and battleship in background.  U.S.S. Sims was a buckeye-class destroyer escort which was built at the Norfolk Navy yards in 1942.  U.S.S. Sims was hit by a kamilcaze on May 24th, 1944 off Okinawa and served with distinction through the remainder of the war.  Gordon Grant is known for his paintings of Marine subjects.  He was also a illustrator, whose work included pulp fiction for Popular Detective.  Well listed artist.  Good condition.  
124 CHARLES DANA GIBSON (NEW YORK) PENCIL DRAWING Charles Dana Gibson (New York, NY, 1867-1944) 12" x 9" pencil drawing on paper laid on board of a Gibson girl and gentleman.  Signed lower middle "C.D. Gibson and dated 99".  Charles Dana Gibson was best known for his creation of the Gibson Girl, an representation of the beautiful American woman at the turn of the century.  He was one of America's premier illustrators.  He worked for Life, Century, Harper's, Collier's Weekly and other magazines.  Well listed artist.  Very slight crease to board, otherwise good condition.  
125 ADOLPH ALEXANDER WEINMAN (NEW YORK) BRONZE Adolph Alexander Weinman (New York, 1870-1952) 17 1/2" bronze sculpture of "The Nude Golfer", 1901, signed and dated on base "A.A. Weinman, Fecit, MCMI", also numbered on bottom of base N14.  Adolph Weinman is best known for his sculptures and for designing the "Walking Liberty" on the half-dollar and ten-cent coins of 1916.  Fine original patina.  Good condition.
125A JAMES MCBEY (BRITISH, 1883-1959) ETCHING Titled "The Zuyder Zee" pencil signed lower right, numbered XXII lower left.  Signed in plate McBey, Amsterdam 24, August and dated 1923.  Etching 9" x 15".  Light toning.
126 PR. 18TH CENTURY WORCESTER PORCELAIN VASES With the blue square or fretmark on the base of each, Circa 1755-75.  Each with painted gilt exotic birds in landscapes on white field with cobalt blue surround.  One with professional repair at lip, other in good condition.  9.5" high.  
127 18TH CENTURY ARMORAL EXPORT TEA CADDY With oval family crest of five stars over a sea surmounted with knights helm with horse crest.  Good condition.  5.5" high.  
128 PR. OF EARLY ENGLISH PORCELAIN FIGURES OF MILTON & SHAKESPEARE 11" high on unmarked scrolled bases.  Possibly Derby or Worcester.  Good condition.  
129 PR. OF PAINTINGS ON IVORY OF NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE Pair of very well done 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" paintings on ivory of Napoleon and Josephine at their coronation.  Napoleon in ornate red velvet dress trimmed in ermin and gold.  Artist signed lower left "Arolis?".  Josephine in elaborately painted silk dress decorated with gold and jewels with long flowing red satin and ermin cape.  Artist signed on plinth on right "Loeber?".  Frames 11 1/2" x 9 1/2".  Both in good condition.
130 EUGENIA EDUARDO ZAMPIGHI (ITALIAN) WATERCOLOR Eugenia Eduardo Zampighi (Italian, 1859-1944) 22" x 15" watercolor of a interior scene of lady with flowers.  Signed lower left "E. Zampighi".  Eugenia Zampighi was an realist painter noted for his romantic portrayals of Italian peasant life.  Well listed artist.  Few chips to frame, watercolor in good condition.
131 ALBERT FERDINAND DUPRAT (ITALIAN) OIL PAINTING Albert Ferdinand Duprat (Italian, 1882-1974) 20" x 29" oil on canvas of a Venice canal scene.  Signed lower right "A. Duprat".  Albert Duprat developed his artistic skills at the Ecoledes Beaux-Art in the City of Venice.  Most of his work reveals his love of Italy and particularly Venice.  Light craquelure, good condition, in original ornate gold frame. 
132 SIGNED L. LEFEVERE ITALIAN WATERCOLOR A very well done 14" x 21" Italian watercolor of a Venice canal scene.  Signed lower left "L. LeFevere".  Original gold frame.  Good condition.
132A LATE 19TH CENTURY SIGNED  RUSSIAN WATERCOLOR A Russian scene 5.5" x 10.5" watercolor of a Russian horse drawn troika (sleigh) fleeing a pack of wolves.  Signed lower right "P. Pavesius?".  Good condition.  
133 FINE GERMAN PORCELAIN FIGURAL GROUP Circa 1900-20 on oval base depicting four ladies in Victorian dress playing cards and taking tea, with male butler preparing to remove empty tea ware.  Marked with underglaze crown with letter below. Damage to lace on front lady, otherwise good condition.  9" x 16" x 10.5" high.
134 PR. OF SCHIERHOLZ PORCELAIN WALL SCONCES Lovely pair of German porcelain two arm wall sconces with applied floral decoration.  Marked "Schierholz" & crown mark on back.  Chip to one floral and minor flakes, otherwise good condition.  16" h.  
135 LOUIS LANG (NEW YORK/ITALY) OIL PAINTING Louis Lang (New York/Italy, 1814-1893) 30" x 22" oil on canvas of two ladies with water vessels.  Signed lower left "L. Lang".  Louis Lang, a painter of historical, biblical and literary subjects, was born in Germany and came to the U.S. in 1838.  He first settled in Philadelphia, then lived in Italy from 1841-1845 before returning to America in 1847 and living the majority of his life in New York City, with frequent trips to Europe.  Well listed artist.  Repair and slight inpainting to upper right, otherwise good condition.  In original frame.  Few chips and one leaf missing to frame.  
136 THERESE MARIE GERALDY (FRENCH) PASTEL PAINTING Therese Marie Geraldy (French, 1886--) 25 1/2" x 19 1/2" pastel on paper laid on canvas of Helen Templeton Pogue.  Inscribed on back "Helen Templeton Pogue, Age 17 Years, Paris, 1930".  Well listed artist.  Good condition.  In Original Frame.  
137 JEAN SARDI (FRANCE) ATTRIBUTION OIL PAINTING Jean Sardi (France, 1947) attribution 32" x 42 1/2" oil on masonite of Paris café scene.  Signed lower right "Sardi".  Karl Mann Associates, New York label on verso.  Well listed artist.  Good condition.  
138 BORIS CENIC (FRANCE) OIL PAINTING Boris Cenic (France, 1921--) 24" x 36" oil on canvas of a harbor scene.  Signed lower right "B. Cenic".  Listed artist.  Good condition.  
139 OUTSTANDING HANDPAINTED GERMAN PORCELAIN URN Mid-19th Century with double mat gilt serpent handles, Grecian form with full length portrait of a young lady in classical dress gathering herbs.  Two piece with high glaze base and mat finished body, marked with blue under glaze circular mark somewhat blurred.  One small flake on one handle, otherwise excellent condition.  16.5" high.
140 LOVELY ROYAL DUX PORTRAIT FIGURINE Of a royal princess wearing a classical style gold dress and feathered robe with pink raised Royal Dux mark on base and numbered "248".  12.5" high.
141 CARL KAUBA (AUSTRIA) COLD PAINTED BRONZE Carl Kauba (Austria, 1865-1922) 7" cold painted bronze titled "Ranchero", stamped "Geschutzt" twice and Numbered 4472.  Good condition.
142 FRANZ BERGMAN (AUSTRIA) BRONZE LOT Three small Austrian bronzes including 2 1/4" Franz Bergman cold painted bronze of a shoe cobbler signed with "B" in Urn mark, a 1 1/2"cold painted bronze of small Arab boy, unsigned and a 2 1/2" bronze of three drinking soldiers, unsigned.  
143 AUSTRIA COLD PAINTED INKWELL Unusual Austria cold painted inkwell of Arabian trader and camel in front of oasis.  Stamped on bottom with "Coronet, Austria" trademark.  Good condition.  6 1/2" h x 11" wide.  
144 GIUSEPPE BRUGO (ITALIAN) WATERCOLOR Giuseppe Brugo (Italian, 20th Century) 19 1/2" x 14" watercolor on paper of a swordsman.  Signed lower right "G. Brugo".  Well listed artist.  Good condition.
145 TIFFANY GOLD FAVRILE GLASS FINGER BOWL Signed on ground pontil "L.C. Tiffany Favrile 1402 18306".  Good condition.  6" dia.
146 TIFFANY GOLD FAVRILE GLASS GOBLET Signed on pontil "L.C.T. Favrile".  Good condition.  5.75" high.  
147 TIFFANY GOLD FAVRILE GLASS BOWL Ground pontil and signed on base "4286M L.C. Tiffany, Inc. Favrile".  Good condition.  2.75" high x 6.5" dia.
148 TIFFANY FAVRILE FLORIFORM ART GLASS VASE With ruffled rim and pulled feather motif, polished pontil.  Unsigned.  Good condition.  4 1/2" h x 5 1/2" w.
149 ALTON TREVAISE/TIFFANY ART GLASS VASE A fine 7" Art Glass vase with green iridescent body and five blue iridescent pulled feathers, button pontil.  Attributed to Alton Trevaise, Alton Manufacturing Company, who produced glass for one year in 1907, a contemporary of Tiffany and staffed by former Tiffany employees.  Vase is signed "L.C. Tiffany Favrile" and numbered 1923S.  Good condition.  
150 LOUIS BOSWORTH HURT (BRITISH) OIL PAINTING Louis Bosworth Hurt (British, 1856-1929) 12" x 16" oil on canvas titled "The Rainy Moorland".  Signed lower left "Louis B. Hurt".  Louis B. Hurt is famous for his paintings of the Scottish Highlands and his portrayal of highland cattle.  Very well listed artist.  Good condition.
151 FRANCIS H. WILLIAMS (BRITISH) OIL PAINTING Francis H. Williams (British) 28" x 36" oil on canvas of young girl with doll greeting newcomers.  Signed lower right "Francis H. Williams" and dated 1902.  Also monogrammed and dated 1902 on verso.  Well listed artist.  Good condition.
152 SIGNED "J. BOS" (DUTCH) OIL PAINTING A fine 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" 20th Century oil on canvas of a river scene with windmill.  Signed lower right "J. Bos".  Good condition.
153 EMILE RENE MENARD (FRANCE) OIL PAINTING Marie Auguste Emile Rene Menard (France, 1862-1930) 10 1/2" x 14 1/2" oil on board titled "Bucolique".  Signed lower left "E.R. Menard".  Well listed artist.  Good condition.
154 STEUBEN BLUE AURENE ART GLASS CENTER BOWL Signed Steuben aurene and numbered 2687.  Good condition.  4 1/2" h x 8" w.
155 STEUBEN CALCITE GLASS VASE WITH BLACK FOOT Signed "Steuben" and signed with "Fleur-de-lis" logo.  Good condition.  7.75" high.
155A STEUBEN GROTESQUE FORM ART GLASS BOWL With fluted body to lip , red to clear, signed on base with acid stamped script signature.  Good condition.
156 THREE STEUBEN GLASS GRECIAN URNS All with stepped square bases and all signed "Steuben".  Good condition.  12" and 6.75" high.
157 STEUBEN BLUE AURENE GLASS VASE Ground pontil and signed "Steuben" on base.  Good condition.  6" high.
158 DURAND GOLD IRIDESCENT THREADED VASE Ground pontil.  Good condition.  5.5" high.
159 QUEZAL PULLED FEATHER ART GLASS SHADE Signed "Quezal".  Good condition.  4 3/4" h x 4 3/4" w.
160 WILLIAM MCKENDREE SNYDER (INDIANA) OIL PAINTING William McKendree Snyder (Madison, Indiana, 1848-1930) 18" x 28" oil on canvas landscape painting of autumn beech trees.  Signed lower right "W. Mck. Snyder".  William McKendree Snyder was one of the earliest artist to paint in Brown County, Indiana in the 1870's.  Snyder was born in Liberty, Indiana in 1848.  He settled permanently in Madison where he specialized in dense forests, especially beech trees.  He studied in Cincinnati, New York and Philadelphia.  Snyder fought in the Civil War and survived the infamous Andersonville prison-of-war camp.  Well listed artist.  A wonderful large painting in original frame.  Good condition.

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