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  Mechanical Music and Quality Antiques Auction
• Mechanical Music and Quality Antiques Auction •
Sunday December 4th 2005
Starlite Ballroom in Cincinnati, Ohio
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Lot # 71 - 106
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Lot # Title Description
71 CYLINDER MUSIC BOX WITH THREE BELLS 5" cylinder.  Working but as is condition, missing inside door and inlay to top.  15 1/2" w x 9 1/4" d x 8 1/2" h.  
72 MUSICALCASKET ORGANETTE BY MECHANICAL ORGANETTE CO., NEW YORK Walnut case with great original stenciling.  Excellent condition with original label inside.  Plays 7 3/4" paper rolls but no rolls.  12" w x 8 1/2" d x 9 1/2" h.  
73 UNUSUAL 4 1/2" DISC MUSIC BOX Top key wind disc music box with stop, play switch in front of case.  4 discs.  Sounds great.  Good condition.  6" h x 12 1/2" w.  
74 CYLINDER MUSIC BOX    5" cylinder which plays four tunes, lever crank, in fine case.  Fine condition.  4 1/2" h x 11 3/4" w.  
75 STEUBEN GREEN JADE ART GLASS BOWL Unsigned.  Polished pontil on base.  Excellent condition.  4 1/4" h x 12" w.   
76 SIGNED HANDEL GREEN TEXTURED GLASS HUMIDOR Bronze mountings.  Signed with Handel Shield and Design #4050B.  Tiny paint flake on lid; otherwise, excellent condition.  5 1/2" h. x 5 1/4" dial.  
77 MOSER CRANBERRY CRUET WITH HEAVY ENAMEL DECORATION Flat sided cranberry cruet with original gold stopper and wonderful multi-colored enamel work and polished pontil.  Slight wear to gold and tiny check where handle is applied; otherwise, excellent condition.  9" h.  
78 LARGE MOSER TYPE ART GLASS VASE 14" amber vase with blue drip rigoree decoration.  Large ground pontil in base.  Excellent condition.  
79 FENTON CRANBERRY DAISY & FERN PITCER Fine Fenton cranberry pitcher with overall white opalescent Daisy and Fern pattern with ruffled top.  Excellent condition.  
80 VICTORIAN ART GLASS CRANBERRY TO CLEAR PITCHER Inverted coin spot cranberry to clear art glass pitcher with threaded applied handle.  Fine polished pontil, tiny roughness on handle where it is applied to pitcher at top; otherwise, excellent condition.  8" h.  
81 VICTORIAN ART GLASS EPERGNE Large Epergne with five floriform vases with rigoree decoration resting on a ruffled top bowl.  All beautiful green art glass with internal and external opalescent shading.  Excellent condition.  20 1/2" h x 10 1/2' dia. Bowl.  
82 PAIR OF LUSTERS WITH FLORAL PAINTED MEDALLIONS Fine pair of lusters with ten large 9" cut prisms and ten oval medallions with handpainted floral designs with overall gold decoration on each.  Both in fine condition.  12 3/4" h.  
82A WHITE CUT TO CRANBERRY PORTRAIT CHALICE Oval panel with portrait of lady on front and roses on back.  Handpainted florals and gold on white overlay.  19th Century.  Excellent condition.  6 1/2" h.  
83 EXQUISITE HANDPAINTED PORCELAIN PLAQUE Beautiful handpainted plaque of semi-nude fairy sitting on cliff in original fancy gold leaf frame.  Signed on back "Oreade Bernard".  Made in Germany.  All in excellent condition.  Plaque 7" h x 4 3/4" w.  
84 FINE ARTIST SIGNED PORCELAIN PLAQUE Handpainted porcelain plaque of young lady signed "G. Byenly" front lower right.  Marked on back "10-14 P.P." over "L".  Excellent condition.  5 1/2" h. x 4" w.  
85 LIMOGES HANDPAINTED JARDINIERE ON BASE Handpainted floral decoration and claw foot base.  Signed with green "W.G. & W. Limoges, France" mark.  Excellent condition.  9 1/2" h x 9 1/2" d.  
86 FINE TWO PIECE BOLTED PORCELAIN ARTIST SIGNED COVERED URN Beautiful urn with handpainted decoration of three cupids above garden house on front and garden house scene on back side with fine gold mountings of rams head on each side. Fine gold decoration.  Artist signed "E. Babon".  Excellent condition.  18 12" h.  
87 JEAN POUYAT LIMOGES, FRANCE TANKARD Fine large tankard with lovely floral decoration and molded dragon gold handle.  Marked "J.P.L. France".  Very, very slight wear to gold on handle trim; otherwise, excellent condition.  14 1/2" h.  
88 PAIR OF ROYAL DUX FIGURES OF YOUNG MEN PUSHING SLEIGHS Pair of beautiful Royal Dux figures.  Ca. 1912-1918.  Cobalt blue and gold decoration of young men pushing sleighs on six footed base.  Marked with triangle "Royal Dux Bohemia" mark and numbered 844.  One back handle on side of one sleigh missing; otherwise, both in excellent condition.  8" h x 10" w.
89 FRENCH PORCELAIN ARTIST SIGNED "LIG" VASE Beautiful bulbous form vase, hand painted with two birds in flight with an overall soft light blue color.  Artist signed "Lig" on side and marked "Lmousin" and "D & C France" on base.  Excellent condition.  6" h x 6" w. 
90 GESCHUTZL LOUISE PATTERN PORCELAIN TEA SET Beautiful eight piece Louise pattern tea set with blue and handpainted gold decoration.  All in excellent condition.  Teapot 7 1/4" h.  
91 SWISS CYLINDER MUSIC BOX  The 10 1/2" cylinder plays 12 airs.  Rosewood case with fine inlay in lid.  Tip of one tooth missing; otherwise, very good condition.  20" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".  
92 SWISS CYLINDER MUSIC BOX 6" cylinder with lever crank.  Inlaid musical instruments in lid.  Very good condition.  17" x 7" x 5".  
93 SWISS CYLINDER MUSIC BOX 6" cylinder plays 6 airs.  Inlaid musical instruments in lid.  Very good condition.  16 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 5".  
94 SWISS CYLINDER MUSIC BOX 6 1/4" cylinder with Zither attachment plays 6 airs.  Fine Rosewood case with inlaid butterfly and florals in lid.  Very good condition.  5 1/4" h x 8" d x 17" w.  
95 SWISS CYLINDER MUSIC BOX 10 7/8" cylinder with zither attachment plays 10 airs.  Musical instruments inlaid in top.  Some loss of finish to top; otherwise, very good condition.  21 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 5 1/2".  
96 MERMOD FRERES CYLINDER MUSIC BOX  The 7 1/2" cylinder plays ten tunes.  A coin mechanism has been added.  Excellent condition.  6 1/2" h x 9 1/4" d x 19 1/2" w.  
97 EARLY EMILE GALLE' "VERRERIE PARLANTE" VASE Early Galle' shell form glass vase with dark red, black and green colored mottling within the glass.  Engraved on front "J'Ai Foi en les Beaux Jours" and engraved and cut scene with a detailed shell in waves with ship in background.  Early script signature on bottom, "E. Galle' Fecit Nancius" and numbered 17L and R117.  A wonderful early Emile Galle' vase.  Excellent condition.  7 1/2" h x 6 3/4" w.  
98 PAIRPOINT REVERSE PAINTED TABLE LAMP Fine 15" six sided shade alternately handpainted on the interior with a beautiful full floral design and a leaf center design.  Artist signed "H.K.".  Resting on the original two light base with a cornucopia finial.  Unsigned.  Small 1/4" chip to internal bottom rim; otherwise, excellent condition.  27 1/2" h.  
99 REVERSE PAINTED TABLE LAMP Fine 16 1/2" dia. shade painted on the interior with florals with the exterior having a pebbled finished texture, resting on original two light base.  Fine condition.  24" h. 
100 RARE JEFFERSON HANGING LAMP Fine 10" dia. hanging shade painted on the interior with florals and stylized designs.  The exterior having a textured finish, hanging from a three chain fixture.  Signed on interior glass rim "Jefferson" and numbered 18101.  Shade in excellent condition.  Ceiling fixture painted and lacking light socket.  Unusual Jefferson lamp. 
101 UNUSUAL VICTORIAN CRANBERRY HURRICANE PARLOR LAMP Fine 12" cranberry quilted shade resting on a double handled gold finished cast iron base with a brass kerosene fount.  Shade has very tiny flake to bottom rim; otherwise, excellent condition.  Base has three lines on side, electrified.  
102 STEUBEN TROUT & FLY GLASS SCULPTURE An exquisite Steuben crystal trout sculpture rising to catch a lucky "Royal Coachman" lure made of 18 karat gold.  A beautiful Steuben crystal sculpture signed "Steuben" in script on base in excellent condition with original red leather case with original Steuben box and literature.  8" h. 
103 MUSICAL DANCING DOLLS AUTOMATION Three 3" bisque dolls that dance to music when wound.  Original key wind mechanism.  Ca. 1880.  Lines in mirror; otherwise, excellent condition.  8" h x 6" d x 10 1/4" w.  
104 FRENCH BONTEMS SINGING BIRD AUTOMATION IN CACHE POT Feathered bird sits on top of foliage within the                handpainted porcelain pot.  It is key wound and when activated the bird sings, opens and shuts his beak, moves his head and flaps his tail.  Also, included in the foliage is a small butterfly.  Loss of wing feathers to butterfly and small chips to porcelain where key is inserted; otherwise, excellent working condition.  Original makers label on base.  20" h.  
105 B.A. BREMOND CYLINDER MUSIC BOX WITH BELLS 13" cylinder plays 10 airs.  Divided combs and six brass saucer bells.  Beautiful inlaid cabinet.  Wonderful condition.   22 1/2" x 11" x 9 1/2" h.  
106 REGINA 15 1/2" DISC MUSIC BOX Style 11 with nice mahogany case.  Small 1/2" burn mark in top; otherwise, excellent condition.  18 Discs.  11" h x 18" d x 21" w. 
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Lot # 71 - 106