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This auction includes items from the Lynn Dingus collection and other homes and estates.



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241 Scrapbooks of Corpl. H.J. Peter 126th OVI Andersonville Prison Account Scrapbooks of Corpl. H.J. Peter 126th OVI Andersonville Prison Account Lot of two black buckram covered ledgers, circa 1870's, keept by Corpl. Herman J. Peter, Co. E, 126th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The first ledge is 6 1/2 x 10 1/2" and has 63 pages of printed material with Peter's personal anotations. This ledge is the newspaper account in serialized form of Peters imprisonment in a variety of Confederate prisons including Libby, Belle Island, Castle Thunder and finially Andersonville. The account was printed in the Iron Valley Report printed in Canal Dover, Ohio, and Peter was from Dundee, Ohio, located in the central eastern part of the state.  Herman was capture on Nov. 27th, 1863 at Mine Run, Va. and at first was sent to Libby Prison in Richmond, but shortly after was sent o Belle Island for the winter, where he and many others nearly or literally froze to death. Later transfered to Castle Thunder, then to his final internment at Andersonville. He gives a very detailed account of each and the autrocitied commited by commanders and guards. The printed version has his personal corrections in both ink and pencil and some anotations. I was unable to find this accoun published outside of this newspaer version. The next ledge is 9 x 10 1/2" and has 105 pages of printed accounts of life in Souhern prisons during the war, as well as many illustrations of the various monuments erected at Andersonville to commemorate the fallen including the one for the men of the 126th OVI, with Hemans personal notations on it. A truly grueson account, only published in a little know small town Ohio newspaper. Both spines worn, else Very Good. 200 400
241A Cast Iron GAR Match Safe Cast Iron GAR Match Safe A wall hanging cast iron match holder with horse shoe form, Army Corps Badges, "GAR" at top and "Good Luck" inside with two pockets for holding matches with releif acorn & oak leaves, in original gold and silver painted finish, 10" wide x 12" high. Very Good, paint is circa 95%. 80 150
242 Civil War Wolstenholm Sheffield Bowie Knife Civil War Wolstenholm Sheffield Bowie Knife With 14 1/2 inch double edged steel blade marked IXL for Wolstenholm Sheffield on one face, with oval steel guard and front collar, single piece ribbed hardwood grip with capstand rivet end, all in nice old mellow brown patina, total length 19 inches. Minor wear to grip, else Fine. 400 700
243 Edward Barnes & Son Jack Knife Edward Barnes & Son Jack Knife Circa 1860 with two single edged steel blades, 2" & 3 1/4" long with embossed nkickel mounts with spread winged eagle clutching U.S. shield on each side of bone grip, total length 7 1/4". Fine. $400 600
244 Civil War Sheffield Bowie Knife Civil War Sheffield Bowie Knife With double edged 5 1/4 inch steel blade, marked on one ricasso Harrison Brothers and on the other No. 45 Norfolk St. Sheffield with nickel guard and ivory grips attached with 5 nickel rivets, total length 9 1/2 inches with original brown leather sheath with nickel throat and missing nickel drag, total length 5 1/4 inches. A few scattered spots on blade and chips at end of grip, Very Good. 200 300
245 Large French Folding Bowie Knife Large French Folding Bowie Knife With scrimshaw decorated horn grips with woman and tree and soldier on one side and vining floral on the other, 8" single edged steel blade, marked on left side, brass rattlesbake end on grip, brass middle band and brass crown end, total length open 17 1/4", closed 9 1/4". Minor crazing on horn, Very Good. 1000 2000
246 Antique Throwing Knife Antique Throwing Knife With double edged steel expanding center blade with leather wraped grip, total length 10", retaining most of original blued finish. Very Good 50 100
247 M.1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle M.1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Serial numer 32440 on top frsme, lock marked"U.S./Springfield/1873", all original in wonderful blue/brown finish, walnut stock with inspectors mark, total length 52".  Very nice condition. Very Fine. 400 600
248 M1884 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle M1884 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle With original bayonet, all in nice even brown patina, untouched, total length 52" with 21" bayonett, serial number 476458. Good condition. 400 600
249 Remington New Model Army Revolver Remington New Model Army Revolver .44 caliber, 8" octagonal barrel, brass triggerguard, walnut grips, marked on top of barrel "PatentedDec. 17, 1861/Manufactured By Remington Ilion N.Y.", total length 14".  All over brown patina, lightly cleaned. 500 800
250 Civil War Contract Rifle Civil War Contract Rifle Circa 60 caliber with 30" round barrle, unmarked percussion lock plate, steel butt plate, brass trigger guard and barrel bands with sling swivels, original ram rod, walnut stock, total length 45". All over brown patina, uncleaned. 300 500
251 Harpers Ferry Conversion Musket Harpers Ferry Conversion Musket With 33 1/2" round barrel, lock plate marked "Harpers Ferry 1822" with spread winged shield breasted eagle, steel trigger guard and butt plate, total length 49 1/4", original ram rod. Moderate oxidation and pitting, missing barrel bands. 200 400
252 Fine Conversion Percussion Rifle Fine Conversion Percussion Rifle With massive, 33" long octagonal barrel, circa .45 caliber with check caarved wrist of walnut stock, steel patch box on right side of stock and leaping stag in German silver of left side, all in nice old brown patina, total length 48 1/2". Missing ram rod, else Fine. 200 400
253 Pr English Boxlock Pistols by Grice Pr English Boxlock Pistols by Grice With top mounted flintlocks, left side engraved Grice and right London", single piece walnut pistol grips, circa .40 caliber, untouched, nice brown patina, total length 6". Minor oxidation at barrel ends, else Fine. 500 800
254 Scrimshaw Carved Powder Horn Scrimshaw Carved Powder Horn With domed hardwood plug, carved and stepped spout and engraved hunting dog and "TIP" on side, 8 1/2" long. Fine, untouched. 100 200
255 Hickel Brass Hunters Horn Hickel Brass Hunters Horn With two tubes and original brown leather strap, marked on end of horn, 14" long. Fine. 80 150
256 Signed Early German Target Rifle Signed Early German Target Rifle Operated with compressed air, with butt-stock air reservoir, circa .40 caliber 31" long octagonal breech loading barrle, signed on top "Beiter in Schwanenstadt", 18th century Austrian maker, with beautifully carved walnut stock with checked wrist and fore-stock and carved scrolled walnut trigger guard, raised cheek piece on left side of stock, dual hair trigger, original iron butt plate, total length 45". Chip on fore-stock, lacks front site. 200 400
257 Rare Daisy Double Barrel BB Gun Rare Daisy Double Barrel BB Gun In original blued finish and original varnished wood stock. The frame has engraved hunting dog and game birds with floral scroll work surrounf, marked on underside of frame "Daist No. 104/Patents/1825190/1899702/1589975/1793625/Others/Pending/Daisy MFG. Co./Plymoth/Mich. U.S.A." with safty on left side above double trigger, original leather butt plate, front bead site and wood fore-stock, total length 38". Slight wear to barrels; otherwise good condition. 500 1000
258 Model 1832 Artillery Sword Model 1832 Artillery Sword With 19 inch double edged steel blade with thriple fullers, heavily pitted blade with unreadble markings on each ricasso, single piece cast brass hilt with fish scale grip and oval pommel with spread winged shield breasted U.S. eagle on each side, total length 25 inches. As above, else Fine. 200 300
259 M1840 NCO Sword M1840 NCO Sword 31 3/4" straight fullered blade with  cast brass hilt has clamshell and "D" guard with false wire grip, total length 38".  Complete with brass mounted leather scabbard, total length 32 3/4".  Sword is fine, drag on scabbard is loose. 100 200
260 M1812 N. Starr Cavalry Saber M1812 N. Starr Cavalry Saber With 34 inch single edged steel blade with clipped end, marked on left ricasso "V/US/L.S./N. Starr", with single piece steel guard/knuckle bow, full steel backstrap/front collar and capstand rivet, ribbed leather covered grip, total length 39 inches. Includes original steel sabbard with throat and double carrying rings, total length 34 1/2 inches. Blade Fine, hilt and scabbard in nice brown patina, minor dents in scabbard. 400 600
261 M1840 NCO Sword M1840 NCO Sword With 28" single edged blade with full length fuller, casr brass hilt with false wire wrapped grip, total length 34 1/4" Fine. 100 200
262 Battlefield Pickup Cavalry Saber Battlefield Pickup Cavalry Saber A Model 1860 style unmarked cavalry saber with 33 1/2 inch single edged steel blade with 3/4 length fuller, single piece brass guard/branching knuckle bow, brass domed pommel with quarter backstrap, ribbed wood grip, total length 39 3/4 inches. This saber was clearly retrieved from a Civil War battlefield, short after the battle, as it has only light all over brown patination and much of the wood grip is intact, but missing leather cover and wire wrap. Relic, as above. 200 300
263 Mexican War Era Eagle Pommel Sword Mexican War Era Eagle Pommel Sword With 32 1/2 inch single edged steel blade with full length fuller, unmarked, brass guard/knuckle bow, cast eagle head pommel, brass front collar and ribbed hardwood grip, total length 38 inches. All over brown patina, else Fine. 200 400
264 M1860 Staff Officers Sword M1860 Staff Officers Sword With 30" double edged steel blade with etched patriotic symbols, single piece cast brass guard/knuckle bow with spread winged, shield breasted eagle and other motifs, brass pommel with eagles, brown leather covered wood grip with braided wire wrap, total length 35". Original brass scabbard with throat, two carrying rings, total length 30". Minor wear and scabbard lacks drag. 100 200
265 M1860 Staff Officers Sword M1860 Staff Officers Sword A Sons of Union Veterals version of the M1860 with 28" double edged blade Minor wear, Very Good 50 100
266 Marine Oil by P.B. Paulusa Marine Oil by P.B. Paulusa Oil on canvas, sunset harbor scene showing a man-of-war frigate flying the flag of Denmark, with sidewheel steamer to right also flying hat national flag, dozens of other masted ships in harbor with round tower building on shore with Denmark flag in front, 14 x 24" in gold leaf frame, 17 1/2 x 28". Fine. 200 400
267 Admiral Nelson Memorial Enameled Patch Box Admiral Nelson Memorial Enameled Patch Box Battersea type oval enameled patch box with painting on lid of sailor holding flag with inscription reading "He lives in our Hearts" with stone monument to right with inscription "In Memory of L.H. Nelson", cobalt blue sides, side base & interior and mirrored lid, 2 x 1 1/2 x 1" high, circa 1805. Few dings. 200 400
268 Four Hand Colored Napoleonic Wars Prints Four Hand Colored Napoleonic Wars Prints Engraved by T. Fielding, London, 1845 showing various battles in 1815 leading up to and including Waterloo, matted and framed, sight 12 x 10 1/2", frames 22 1/2 x 24". Titles include "Vittoria"; "Vimiera"; "Talavera"; & "Waterloo". Very Good, not removed from frames. 200 400
269 Six Early German Military Prints Six Early German Military Prints Hand colored lithograph titles include "Rheinisches Jager-Battaillon No. 8-Ostpreussische Jager-Bataillon N.1" with "Gemeine/Verlag v. C. Gluck & Co. in Berlin" below; plus "Pommersches Fusilier Regt. No.34"; Plus "Konigs-Grenadier-Regt. F.W. IV. 1 Pommersches No.2"; Plus "Pommersches Grenadier-Regiment-Colberg No.9"; Plus "I. Garde-Regiment Zu Fuss"; and "Invaliden Corps.", all 16 x 23". Minor foxing at margins, else Fine. 100 300
270 Chromo Capture of Napoleon's Carriage Chromo Capture of Napoleon's Carriage Fine chromolithograph by Robert Alexander, British military artist, (1825-1904), full title being "Capture of Napoleon's Carriage After The Battle of Waterloo at Genappe. June 18th 1815." Showing his French guard attempting to defend him as he leaves the carriage against Prussian cavalry, 16 x 27" sight, in original matt and gilt frame, 32 1/2 x 21 1/2". Fine. 200 300
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