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This auction includes items from the Lynn Dingus collection and other homes and estates.



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271 Sword Bayonet Sword Bayonet With 22 1/2" single edged steel blade with 3/4 length fuller, armory markings on right ricasso and guard, brass ribbed grip, total length 27 1/4". Very slight pitting on blade, else Fine. 50 100
272 Bayonet & Scabbard Bayonet & Scabbard European with wood grips, brass plated, total length in scabbard 20 3/4". As above with minor dents in scabbard. 50 80
273 Indian Wars Canteen Indian Wars Canteen With original canvas cover, stamped "U.S.", pewter spout, double ring for leather carrying strap and original stopper, 8" diameter. Very Good. 80 120
274 WWI Brass Trench Art WWI Brass Trench Art Lot of 6 pieces, including minitature tray with tankard and three steins, made from bullet casings, tray engraved "S'Mihiel 1918", pitcher is 2" high; plus a cast brass ash tray with soldier, 3 3/4 x 5 3/4", from WWII. All Very Good. 50 80
275 Howard Chandler Christy WWI Poster Howard Chandler Christy WWI Poster Entitled "Gee I Wish I Were A Man" with young lady in sailors uniform, signed in print and dated 1917, marked along lower margin "NBR-13655-2-21-31-15M" with original zinc grommets at top for hanging, printed on heavy card stock, 28 x 36". Some bumps at margins and toning. 200 400
276 Hand Made Ships Model SS United States Liner Hand Made Ships Model SS United States Liner A completely hand built model of this famous record holding Trans-Atlantic passenger liner, made with wood hull, decks and stacks with hand made metal trim, all original hand painting, 36" long x 4" wide x 8 1/2" high and mounted in glass covered stand, 38 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 12 1/2". The SS United States is a luxury passenger liner built in 1952 for United States Lines designed to capture the trans-Atlantic speed record. Built at a cost of $79.4 million ($724 million in today's dollars)[1] the ship is the largest ocean liner constructed entirely in the U.S. and the fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic in either direction. Even in her retirement, she retains the Blue Riband, the accolade given to the passenger liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean in regular service with the highest speed. Cast has crack in one pane of glass, else Fine. 200 400
277 Signed Leo Mielziner Gen. Pershing Portrait Signed Leo Mielziner Gen. Pershing Portrait Pencil signed print of Pershing in uniform, signed lower right "Leo Mielziner/1917,  framed, 12 x 17 1/4". Leo Mielziner (1869-1935) was a noted portrait artist, and the son of Dr. Moses Mielziner, Rabbi, and Rosette Mielziner. He was one of ten children, one of whom died in infancy, and had a twin sister, Bella Mielziner. Leo was born in New York City at 22 Jefferson Street, but then moved as a child with his family to settle in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father Moses Mielziner taught at Hebrew Union College and was a noted Talmudic scholar, publishing among other works, An Introduction to the Talmud. Damp stains along top and bottom margins, else Fine. 100 300
278 USMC Boxer Reblelion & Philippine Archive USMC Boxer Reblelion & Philippine Archive Archive includes a manuscript notebook and 6 silver gelaton cabinet cards from USMC Private Manuel Grundish, Co. A, 1st Marine Regiment. They were set to the Philippine Islands in 1899, but with the outbreak of the Boxer Rebelion in China and the seige of Peking the 1st Regiment of marines left Cavite in the Philippine Islands and joined up with a smaller unit of marines near Taku, China. The first detachment consisted of 107 marines from the First Regiment, who left Cavite on USS Solace. The ledge in this archive has a complete roster of Co. A, 1st Marine Regiment, as well as and four manuscript poems presumable writen by Grundish about his experiences in both the Boxer Rebelion and the Philippine Insurection. The first of these is entitled "All About the 1st" and a brief extract of it is as follows: "Though we are out in the Philippine ten thousand miles away. Yet time and space cannot efface something i hear them say. They kid us fe contended and keep up the best of cheer. The officers assured us it was only for a year. When we would return again to Gods own country. And enjoy the rights and liberty awarded to the ???. But that year passed by long ago and we are still out here. And from present observations we will remain Hear. From going home last year the boxers did us for. And this year they detain us with the rebels in Samar. & Uncle Sam was only joking when he caught us in this deal. It's certainly provoking but a fellow cannot squeal. Down with the Philippines will be our battle cry. And we will fool you Uncle Sam in the sweet by-and-by. Our patience is growing weary and we want to get away. From this Filipine country where they jam low all your pay..." the next poem is untitled but reads  "The mirth has read its title clear, to mention in the sky. And Riley's battery showed us all how Soldiers ought to die. The fourteenth to ? with fearless front has faced the maxim flame. And Wallers hand full of Marines won everlating fame. For when before the golden gate tht swing above the stars. My fallen comrades stand arey in the Glory of their scars. With bandaged browes and blistered feet and faces pale an thin. I think with me you'l all agree That the Lord will let them in." The 3rd poem, also untitled mentions Taku in China and and reads in part "She had not learned the names of Chinks in far off China land." The 4th poen appears to be written to the American philanthropist Helen Gould and bears the same title. The last poem is entitled "The Lament of a Marine" and instead of having stanza's he labels the 1st stanza "First Spasm". This poem is a humorous account of life in the USMC and is quite funny. The cabinet card photographs include four ships portraits, three of which are of the rarely photographed U.S.N. China River Gunboats. I have never seen any of these previously and are from the Boxer Rebelion. The imprints on these photos are all Chinese and include "A-Boo" from Tien-Tsin, "Yee Chun" from Hong Kong, "Fook-Sang & Co." from Shanghai, & "H. Uyeno, als from Shanghai. The capture of the city of Tien-Tsin was one of the first major battles fought during the Boxer Rebelion. The ledger also includes a manuscript account of a prisoner revolt, during which many USMC soldiers and officers were killed signed at the end Manuel Philip Grundish Co. D, 2nd Regiment Marines. This six page accounts gives details of how the rebels smuggled arms and used bolo knives supplied by the U.S. for clearing brush to suprise the marines in the morning, while most men were at breakfast and how many of the soldiers bodies were mutilated the commanding officer was killed, along with dozens of other. A partial transcription of this report reads as follows: "A rifle in hand the 1st Sergt. of the Co. rendered terrible account. The sergeant who is now in the Tocable Hospital killed the faithfull president who led the attack. With six men he fought his way to the headquarters building to see if they could rescue or take up a striken comrade despite the mad rushes of the savages that surrounded him. They were able to secure the post colors then they ??? way to the beach where another little knot of comrades were defending the Bartos and their wounded companions..." This ledge also has a manuscript description of the Marines Krag Jorgenson Rifle or the U.S. Army Magazine Rifle, Cal 30 Model 1898, detailed to the last degree, as well as description of the gunboat guns and there ammunitions and the duties of the "post of cabin orderly". All in inked manuscript hand, which is clear and easily read. A rare Marines account of the Boxer rebelion and Philippine Insurection. Ledger is Very Good, as are the photos 200 400
279 WWII French Police Helmet WWII French Police Helmet In original black painted finish with brass shield on front and  original liner, 9 x 12 x 6" high. Very Good. 50 100
280 Photo WWI Troop Transport Photo WWI Troop Transport 10 1/2 x 18 1/2" silver print photograph of this WWI troop transport with troops loaded and under steam, in original frame, 15 x 23". The USS Princess Matoika was a transport ship for the United States Navy during World War I. Before the war, she was a Barbarossa-class ocean liner that sailed a SS Kiautschou for the Hamburg America Line and as SS Princess Alice for North German Lloyd. After her World War I Navy service ended, she served as the United States Army transport ship USAT Princess Matoika. In post-war civilian service she was SS Princess Matoika until 1922, SS President Arthur until 1927, and SS City of Honolulu until she was scrapped in 1933 (Wikipedia 2015). Fine. 100 200
281 Knuckle Duster Trench Knife Knuckle Duster Trench Knife The 6 diamond pointed steel projections on knuckle bow and 9" triangular blade, carved wood grip, total length 14". Nice old brown payina, else Fine. 150 250
282 Navajo Weaving Navajo Weaving Circa 1920 in nice bright geometric pattern, 34 x 57". Very slight wear, Very Good. 100 300
283 Native American Horse Hair Bridle Reins Native American Horse Hair Bridle Reins All hand braided with tassel ends, 150" long. Some wear, but still Good. 100 200
284 Native American Roller Pedestal Relic Native American Roller Pedestal Relic Old. Original. Good condition. 60 120
285 F.A. Rhinehart Photo of Chief Wolf Robe F.A. Rhinehart Photo of Chief Wolf Robe Hand colored and marked lower left "Copyright 1899/F.A. Rhinehart" and title bottom center as above, full length image of Native American with peace medal around neck, cradling a pipe in arms with beaded pipe bag and woven blanket over arm and wearing beaded mocs, 7 x 9" in original oak frame with gilt liner, 13 x 15". Fine. 200 400
286 Artist Signed Santa Clara Bowl Artist Signed Santa Clara Bowl Black on black, hand carved with serpent, signed on base "Clara/Sta Clara/Pueblo", 4 1/2" diameter x 2 1/2" high. Fine. 100 200
287 CDV of Chippewa Chief CDV of Chippewa Chief With imprint of R.W. Ranson, St. Paul, Minn., circa 1860 albumen cdv showing full length image of Po-Go-Nay-Ke-Shick (Hole in the Day) in traditional dress, including otter fur turban down around his neck, small roach headdress of dyed white-tailed deer hair affixed to his scalp lock, with seven golden eagle tail feathers representing battle coups, twisted strip of skunk fur is wrapped around right sleeve of his black wool coat, wool blanket is wrapped over the coat, while his leggings are made of red wool, and deerskin moccasins, of typical Ojibwa pattern, have leather vamp inserts embroidered with dyed porcupine quillwork. In his right hand is grasped a carved, wooden "gunstock" war club with a wrist strap of twisted and fringed otter fur. A noted Ojibwa war chief who fought against the Dakota. Period copy from a J.E. Whitney negative. Slight bump on upper right corner, else Fine. 200 300
288 CDV of Sioux Woman CDV of Sioux Woman Old Bets or U-Se-Do-Ha was a Belle Sioux who was allowed to care for the Soiux who were imprisoned for the Minnisota uprising during the Civil War. Period copy albumen photo from aJoel Whitney negative. Very slight soil, else Fine 50 100
289 Two Navajo Weavings Two Navajo Weavings Circa 1940's in geometric pattern, fine bright colors, 28 1/2" square and 29 x 30". Both Fine. 100 200
290 Amazonian Bow & Arrows Amazonian Bow & Arrows Hand made by Amazonian South American Indians, circa 1900 with unknown hardwood bow with cordage wrapping, 64" long and two arrow shafts with circa 9" long muti-barbed fore-shafts, attached with string binding, one in ed washed finish, and feathered fletching, total length 61 1/2 & 65 1/2". Very minor wear, Very Good. 100 200
291 Ambrotype Of African American Nanny & Her White Charge Ambrotype Of African American Nanny & Her White Charge A quarter plate ambrotype portrait of a young African American Slave holding the white child she is either the nurse-maid too or the nanny of, housed in a half case. Somewhat dark, else Fine. 200 300
292 Two Rare Minnesota CDV's Two Rare Minnesota CDV's Both albumen with imprint on reverse of R.W. Ransom, St. Paul, first entitled Bridge, and West St. Paul. Whole length 1790 feet; main span 240 feet long and 90 feet above low water; 2nd image entitled Minn-Ha-Ha. From the water-Fall he named her, Minne-Ha-Ha, laughing water. image showing falls in winter Good condition. 100 300
293 5 J.P. Ball Cincinnati CDV's 5 J.P. Ball Cincinnati CDV's All with imprint on back "From J.P. Ball New Photograph Gallery 154 W. Fourth St. Between Race and Elm, Cincinnati, O.", incldes 3 women, one child and a man. Good condition. 50 100
294 Lg Photo of  Young Anne Oakley Look -a-Like Lg Photo of  Young Anne Oakley Look -a-Like A truly cute 20 x 15 1/2" silver print photograph of a young girl dressed as a cowboy and hand colored, in original gold painted frame, 19 1/2" x 23 3/4", circa 1920. Fine. 100 200
295 Lg Format Western Landscape Photograph Lg Format Western Landscape Photograph With man and horse on wooden bridge. Matt cracked, else VG. 100 300
296 2 Photos of Last Public Hanging in the U.S. 2 Photos of Last Public Hanging in the U.S. Two 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch silver gelaton photographs of the public hanging of Rainey Bethea on August 14, 1936, who was a black man, confessed to the rape and murder of a 70-year-old white woman named Lischia Edwards, and after being convicted of her rape, he was publicly hanged in Owensboro, Kentucky. Mistakes in performing the hanging and the surrounding media circus contributed to the end of public executions in the United States. Both imags show him after he was dropped with a huge crowd watching. Minor bends and slight tears at margins, still Very Good 200 400
297 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo Photo 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo Photo A circa 14 x 17" silver print photograph of the Kentucky building at the fair, matted and framed 24 1/2 x 20 1/2". Fine. 300 600
298 Scarce Map of Chickamauga Battlefield Scarce Map of Chickamauga Battlefield Entitled "Chickamauga Battlefield: A Sketched by J.C. McElroy Ohio Commission; Late Captain 18th Ohio Infantry, 1895." lithographed by Henderson Achert, Krebs Litho Co. Cincinnati", hand colored, 20 x 30" and pressure mounted on paper backing, which has insect damage, none to map, only folds, framed 29 1/2" x 37 1/2". Very slight foxing, Very Good. 100 200
299 Titus 1868 Map of Butler Co. Ohio Titus 1868 Map of Butler Co. Ohio 60 x 68", mounted on original canvas, hand colored with full title being "Map of Butler Co., Ohio From Actual Surveys By J.S. & R.T.  Higgins; Drawn By D.J. Lake, published by C.O. Titus, Philadelphia, 1868. Heavy losses at top corners and a few scattered small taped repairs. 100 300
300 Tallis 1850 Map of Texas & Calif. Tallis 1850 Map of Texas & Calif. Steel engraving with hand coloring, full title being "Mexico, California and Texas", engraved by J. Rapkin, with decorative border and vignettes of gold miners, Indians, peasants andRuins at Uxmal, Yucatan, 10 x 13", framed, 11 1/4 x 14 1/4". Gold Rust era map with mining California areas marked in yellow. Removed from book with center fold, else Fine. 80 150
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