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Cincinnati, Ohio Starlite Ballroom
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Lot # 36 - 70
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Lot # Title Description
36 BOXED LODGE RITUAL SET Seven piece set of miniature tools and implements cased in a walnut, velvet lined box.  Set includes five pointed star, plow, ax, sickle, spade, hoe, and trimming hook.  Great complete set.  EST. $250. - $350.
37 LODGE UNIFORM COAT AND MILITARY? KEPI Frock coat with standing collar with bullion letters U.R.R.M., eagle buttons, bullion knotted shoulder boards.  Made by Pettibone of Cincinnati.  Also includes a late 19th Century kepi with bullion wreath and letters "L.A.".  EST. $150. - $250.
38 EARLY 1900'S CADET MILITARY UNIFORMS Uniform composed of four pieces in cadet grey wool.  Two waist coats, one for a cadet private and one for a cadet corporal.  Trouser with black one-inch stripe down each.  Visor cap without cap badge.  Three belts.   Could be a West Point uniform.  No markings.  EST. $100. - $200. 
39 SET OF THREE HANDMADE KNIVES First knife has 9 3/4" blade with antler grip and brass pommel and ferrule, second knife is a 4 1/2" clip point with antler grip and elliptical brass guard and brass pommel, and third knife has 3 1/4" spear point blade with elliptical steel guard and carved wood grip with leather sheath.  EST. $100. - $200.
40 1890'S BRITISH SHEFFIELD BAYONET 1890's single edge bayonet and leather scabbard with "War Department" stamps and marks.  Riveted hardwood slab grips, steel pommel, guard with muzzle ring, and 11 1/4" clip point blade.  EST. $50. - $100.
41 BRITISH SOCKET BAYONET Zulu-Wars era socket bayonet with bright finish blade and blued socket.  Black leather scabbard with brass throat and tip.  Brown leather frog is complete.  British War Department markings.  EST. $50. - $100.
42 SPANISH MAUSER BAYONET 15 1/2" bright finish blade with checkered hardwood grips, steel pommel, and guard with muzzle ring.  Black leather scabbard with steel throat and tip.  Scabbard is soft with one separation on stitching.  Spanish-American War era.  EST. $75. - $125.
43 EARLY DOVETAILED CANDLE BOX WITH ORIGINAL GREEN PAINT Great hanging American candle box with green paint over poplar.  Nice condition.  9 1/4" h x 12" w x 8 1/2" d.  EST. $400. - $600.
44 ORIGINAL SIGNED AND DATED CHERRY SHAKER HANGER Signed "H.A.T. & Dated 1864" on back.  Excellent condition with older finish.  6" h x 12 3/4" w.  EST. $400. - $800.
45 ORIGINAL SABBATHDAY LAKE SHAKER MEASURE Stamped on front, "Shaker Society Sabbathday Lake, ME."  Nice condition.  9 1/4" dia. 5 1/4" h.  EST. $100. - $200.
46 SHAKER MINIATURE BUCKET WITH OLD BLUE/GRAY PAINT Loose stave construction.  4 1/2" h x 5 1/2" d.  EST. $100. - $200.
47 EARLY BURL LADLE WITH CARVED SNAKE Unusual burl ladle with carved snake around bowl and handle.  Small line and chip to bowl.  8 1/2" L x 4 1/2" d.  EST. $400. - $700.
48 EARLY MAHOGANY THREE-DRAWER MINIATURE CHEST Dovetailed construction.  Old finish.  9" h x 12" w x 6 1/4" d.  EST. $200. - $400.
49 ERNEST "POPEYE" REED FOLK ART WOOD SCULPTURE OF OWL WITH GLASS EYES Signed "E. Reed" on back.  Fine condition.  9 3/4" h.  EST. $100. - $300.
50 FOLK ART LOG CABIN CANDIES BOX Dovetailed construction.  Reads "Mary's Log Cabin Candies" at top.  Excellent condition.  5 1/4" h x 9 1/2" w x 7" d.  EST. $50. - $100.
51 EARLY COLT SLIDE ACTION RIFLE 23 1/4" octagonal barrel, varnished stock and fore end, .22 cal. rim fire.  Action is tight, good hammer and trigger.  Marked on top of barrel "Colt's Pt.E.A. Mfg.".  Bluing remains.   EST. $500. - $1000.
52 CASED CIVIL WAR ERA SHOTGUN BY J. EGAN Cased double barrel and double hammer breakdown shotgun, two triggers in large oval guard.  30" barrels.  Fair condition case and gun.  Original label reads "J. Egan, Armorer Sergeant, 2nd. Bat. Rifle Brigade".  EST. $300. - $500.
53 CIVIL WAR 1850 FOOT OFFICER'S SWORD Unmarked 1850 sword, 31 1/2" blade, even age patina with light pitting.  Floral decorated brass guard and pommel with even patina.  Leather and wire wrap on grip is good.  EST. $300. - $450.
54 18TH - 19TH CENTURY INDO-PERSIAN SWORD 18th-19th Century sword of the Firangi type.  All steel and iron construction.  36 1/2" serrated edge blade, double edged.  EST. $200. - $400.
55 WWI EUROPEAN CALVARY SABER 35 1/2" blued steel blade with sheet metal guard with one teardrop shaped cutout.  Black painted German type steel scabbard with one carry ring.  Probably Austro-Hungarian or Serbian.  EST. $150. - $250.
56 1873 COLT REVOLVER "THE PEACEMAKER" Mod. 1873-1877 (1st Generation) single action .45 cal. 5 1/2" barrel.  (Peacemaker) civilian mod. patent dates on frame are Sept. 19, 1871 & July 2, 1872.  Main frame serial no. is 25457, trigger frame serial no. is 25457, grip frame serial no. is 25457.  Cylinder is correct to gun and cylinder bores are in fair condition.  Pin and screw for cylinder are correct to gun and are the early type.  Loading gate is off of earlier 1st. generation colt serial no. 3965.  Barrel is off of earlier 1st. generation colt serial no. 187 and has early address (+ colts PT. F.A. MFG Hartford, Conn, USA+) riflings are very, very good.  Shell ejector is new to gun.  Trigger is questionable.  Original walnut grips.  EST. $400. - $800.
57 19TH CENTURY JINDAL KNIFE WITH SCABBARD 9 3/4" single edge steel blade with two piece bone handle and highly decorated back strap, silver washed steel scabbard with hanging ring, also highly decorative.  Middle Eastern origin.  EST. $150. - $250.
58 19TH CENTURY JINDAL KNIFE WITH SCABBARD 8 1/2" steel blade with gold overlay decoration and on Arabic inscription.  Bone handle with carved bird head and inlayed decoration.  Silver washed steel scabbard is heavily decorated.  Middle Eastern origin.  EST. $150. - $250.
59 FRAMED CIVIL WAR ERA INSIGNIA DISPLAY Eagle-top oval frame with bubble glass comprised of 8 pieces mounted on red velvet backing.  Civil War pieces include one pair of Smith patent captain's shoulder strap, one pair of double-border major's shoulder straps, and a Union belt plate marked "Wm. Smith, Brooklyn, NY".  Also includes a pair of Indian War-era bullion musician sergeant's chevrons.  Last piece is an 1880's-90's G.A.R. membership medal.  Nice display of old insignia typical of those assembled and sold by the Bannerman firm in New York.  EST. $700. - $1200.
60 STATE OF OHIO CIVIL WAR SERVICE MEDAL C.W. Service Medal named to Charles Wessenger, Co. D. 57th O.V.I.  Wessenger was inducted as a corporal on Sept. 16, 1861 at Camp Vance, Findlay, Ohio.  Promoted to Sergeant and then 1st. Sergeant.  Discharged on Aug. 14, 1865.  This is the Tiffany manufactured State Service Medal.  Medal is missing its suspension bar and ribbon.  EST. $200. - $300.
61 CANTON, OHIO ALBUM WITH MCKINLEY & HARRISON Victorian photo album from a Hess family relative in Canton, Ohio.  Water-blue textured velvet covering with metal script "Album" on the cover and four metal feet on back.  Measures 8 1/2" x 11".  Eighteen gold leaf edged pages containing 30 cabinet cards, 23 cdvs, and 1 tintype.  President Wm. McKinley is the first cabinet card in the album.  President Benjamin Harrison is the last cabinet card in the album.  Ca. 1880's-1890's on the images.  Canton was William McKinley's hometown and burial site.  A great historical album in very good condition.  EST. $250. - $350.
62 U.S. GRANT HISTORICAL GLASS BOWL Scalloped edge clear bowl with acid etched portrait of U.S. Grant with "The Patriot and Soldier" above "Gen. Ulysses S. Grant" below.  Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.  Ca. 1870.  EST. $75. - $100.
63 PRESIDENT JAMES A. GARFIELD HISTORICAL GLASS PLATE Pattern decorated clear glass plate with relief molded bust of Garfield in the center with "Memorial" above.  Garfield was assassinated on Sept. 19, 1881.  Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.  EST. $75. - $100.
64 PAIR OF WWI ERA U.S. ARMY SADDLE BAGS Russet leather saddle bags with embossed U.S. in oval on each front flap.  Both bags have modified carry straps.  Leather is good and pliable.  EST. $150. - $250.
65 PAIR OF WESTERN SADDLE BAGS AND POUCH Oiled russet leather bags with scalloped edge flaps.  Straps and buckles are complete.  Modified connector strap between bags, possibly an old repair.  Pouch is a handmade leather bag with flap closure and leather shoulder strap.  EST. $200. - $300.
66 SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR DAGGER 8 1/4" blade with double edged spear point.  Blade has floral engraving and historical inscription.  Has a man's name "T.E. (last name illegible)" and "Manila, May 12, 1898".  Brass cross guard, ferrule, and pommel with turned wood handle.  Leather scabbard appears to be WWII era but is complete.  EST. $100. - $200.
67 SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR BELT PLATE Spanish-American era U.S. officer's belt plate with silver washed wreath and shield.  Nice late production 1851 type eagle plate.  EST. $50. - $75. 
68 PAIR OF CIVIL WAR TYPE "BLEEDERS" First piece is a three blade fleam housed in a brass handle, the second piece is a twelve blade spring loaded block type fleam with brass body and steel blades, spring, and trigger.  EST. $150. - $250.
69 LARGE 1861 NEEDLEWORK OF MADONNA WITH SERPENT AT HER FEET Great needlework using several different colors with bead work stars above her head.  Signed at bottom "Mary J. Heavey, St. John's School 1861".  A few small thinning spots; otherwise, excellent.  Needlework 41" x 28".  EST. $500. - $1000.
70 SIGNED JANE BOZELEY 1816 NEEDLEWORK SAMPLER Early sampler with house, lions, urns, birds, butterflies, flowers and other animals.  The bottom reads "Jane Bozeley Finished This Work July 31, 1816".  Some losses most at edges and top.  Sampler 12" x 13 1/2".  EST. $300. - $500.
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Lot # 36 - 70