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Sunday, March 26
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Cincinnati, Ohio Starlite Ballroom
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Lot # 175 - 209
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Lot # Title Description
175 EARLY SIGNED CALLIGRAPHY OF TWO HORSES Nice detailed pen drawing reads at bottom "This Was Done By J.B. Steele After Taking Drawing Lessons Teacher J.C. Cobb?"  11 1/2" h x 17 1/2" w.  $200. - $500.
176 EARLY HAND COLORED LITHOGRAPH OF BOY WITH SWORD Signed "Verlag Van A. Felgmer in Berlin, Krieger".  16" x 13".  EST. $100. - $150.
177 EARLY LITHOGRAPH OF FOX AFTER CHICKENS 12" x 9 1/2".  EST. $40. - $60.
178 JOHN O. OSBORNE FOLK ART PAINTING OF ELLISON CHILDREN A great 30" x 25" oil on canvas painting of Robert Hamilton Ellison and sister Sarah Jane (Sally) Ellison by John O. Osborne done in 1849.  Accompanying the painting is a copy of the original receipt signed by the artist.  John O. Osborne (Warren, Ohio) a fine listed artist.  Listed in Who's Who, etc.  Few minor flakes at bottom of painting; otherwise, in good condition.  Unsigned.  Original frame.  This is an important Ohio folk art painting with great provenance.  EST. $1000. - $3000.
179 EARLY PORTRAIT PAINTING ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN OSBORNE Fine 30" x 25" oil on canvas of lady with bonnet.  This painting is believed to be the mother of Mary Keys Ellison (1821-1888), the wife of William Ellison (1796-1865), who were the parents of the Ellison children in the portrait described in lot 178.  This is a fine early portrait of the grandmother of the Ellison children, attributed to John O. Osborne.  Few flakes to paints; otherwise, good condition.  EST. $500. - $1000. 
180 EARLY PORTRAIT OF ELLISON FAMILY MEMBER 12" x 9" oil on board of Ellison family member (Ca. 1850).  Unsigned.  Good condition.  EST. $100. - $300.
181 EARLY PORTRAIT PAINTING OF FRANCIS HARRIS AS A YOUNG MAN A fine 17" x 14" oil painting on wood panel (Ca. 1820) of Francis Harris as a young gentlemen.  Francis Harris was the father-in-law of Robert Hamilton Ellison of Manchester, Ohio.  This is a well done portrait in a ornate gold frame.  Fine condition.  EST. $700. - $1500.
182 PORTRAIT PAINTINGS OF FRANCIS AND MARGARET HARRIS Two 30" x 25" oil on canvas portraits including Francis Harris (1796-1878)  the father-in-law of Robert Hamilton Ellison of Manchester, Ohio and his wife, Margaret Sexton Harris (1805-1882).  Two wonderful well preserved paintings in original ornate gold frames.  Both in fine condition.  EST. $600. - $1200.
183 MID-19TH CENTURY EUROPEAN OIL PAINTING A fine 20" x 24" oil on canvas of a mill scene.  Pencil signed on back stretcher with illegible signature.  Purchased by Francis Harris (father-in-law of Robert Hamilton Ellison).  Painting in fine condition.  Some flakes to frame; otherwise, all in fine condition.  EST. $300. - $600.
184 MANCHESTER, OHIO FOLK ART OIL PAINTING OF A WATERMELON A fine late 19th Century 13" x 15" folk art oil on canvas of a watermelon.  Pencil signed on back of stretcher "Mrs. J.A. Murray, Manchester, O.".  Painting in original frame.  Frame has one small spot; otherwise, all in fine condition.  EST. $200.- $400.
185 STILL LIFE OIL PAINTING (CA. 1880) 12" x 18" oil on board of a still life.  Unsigned.  Original frame.  Fine condition.  EST. $100. - $300.
186 SEASCAPE OIL PAINTING (CA. 1880) 10" X 17" oil on canvas of a seascape.  Unsigned.  Original frame.  Marked "Frank Ellison" on paper tag on frame.  Few spots to frame; otherwise, all in good condition.  EST. $150. - $250.
187 TWO 18TH CENTURY EUROPEAN OIL PAINTINGS Two unusual 18th Century European 19" x 30" oil on canvas of port scenes with ships and men working on port.  Each canvas is extended 3" on top and bottom of each painting and sewn together.  Each canvas is stretched on a early wooden pinned stretcher.  One small hole in one painting and few minor paint flakes; otherwise, good condition.  EST. $500. - $1000.
188 SUPER WALNUT VICTORIAN RENAISSANCE REVIVAL MARBLE TOP BEDROOM SUITE Consisting of large bed with beautiful burl work and carvings including headboard with large crest and double burled panels and large heavy footboard with several burled panels; large matching white marble top dresser with three drawers below; matching washstand with three drawers below and white marble top with high splash back and candle stands.  Few small pieces of trim missing.  Bed 107" h x 65" w, 58" inside.  Dresser 107" h x 54" w x 23" d.  Washstand 37" h x 34" w x 17" d.  EST. $4000. - $7000.
189 LARGE WALNUT VICTORIAN RENAISSANCE REVIVAL KNOCKDOWN ARMOIRE Beautiful knockdown armoire with stunning burled panels in doors and two drawers below.  Large original crest at top with fine detailed floral and leaf carving.  Small burl loss at base; otherwise, fine condition with original finish.  Approx. 105" h x 59" w x 21" d.  EST. $1000. - $2000.
190 SUPER CARVED OAK VICTORIAN FIRE SCREEN Adjustable Victorian fire screen with heavy scroll work carving at top with lovely needlework of urn with flower arrangement inside, twisted column and three footed base with carvings.  Excellent condition.  62" h x 28" w.  EST. $500. - $1000.
191 WALNUT VICTORIAN WOOTEN TYPE CYLINDER DESK Unusual cylinder desk with gallery at top and two drawers and two doors below.  Inside of two doors reveals four small encased drawers on each door and four large drawers with dividers for filing.  Original finish.  51" h x 38" w x 22" d.  EST. $700. - $1200.
192 WALNUT VICTORIAN OVAL MARBLE TOP TABLE White marble top table with open carvings and unusual pedestal.  Stains in marble.  Original finish.  30" h  top 24" x 18".  EST. $300. - $500.
193 EARLY CHERRY TALL CASE CLOCK Ca. 1840.  Cherry tall case clock with flamed mahogany veneer.  Broken arch hood with cherry finials and four full columns; paneled sides at bottom and turned feet.  Original face and works consists of paint decorated metal moon face dial with second bit.  Brass works with single bell strike and calendar.  Original weights and pendulum.  Two small chips of veneer missing and slight bubbling at base; otherwise, fine original condition.  This clock has been in the Ellison home in Manchester, Ohio, since the house was built.  A wonderful tall case clock.  EST. $2000. - $4000.
194 EARLY CHERRY BANJO STYLE WALL CLOCK Ca. 1840.  Banjo style regulator clock with brass works attributed to Massachusetts makers Hatch or Tifft.  Cherry case, bottom board to case missing.  Replaced bottom tablet, weight missing.  Chips to original dial.  33" h x 14" w.  EST. $400. - $800.
195 SETH THOMAS NO. 1 REGULATOR WALL CLOCK Eight day time with rectangular flat weight 12" dial.  Fine Rosewood veneer case.  Original label on case, original tablet.  Old repair to pendulum rod, small chip to side.  Good condition.  EST. $400. - $800.
196 BIRGE, GILBERT AND CO. TRIPLEDECKER SHELF CLOCK Brass works with two weights, painted wooden dial in mahogany case.  Loss of paint to tablet, some paint loss to dial, original label in back of case.  Case in fine condition.  34" h x 18" w.  EST. $150. - $350.
197 GREAT OHIO CURLY MAPLE BLANKET CHEST Wonderful tiger maple blanket chest with fine dovetailed construction and original ball feet.  Bread board top construction with till inside and original lock and key.  One side has early paper label that reads "Harris, Manchester, Adams County, Ohio".  Hinges have been changed, stains to top; otherwise, excellent original condition.  A great example of an early Ohio blanket chest with fine maple striping.  19 1/4" x 37 1/2" w x 17 1/2" d.  EST. $700. - $1500.
198 QUEEN ANNE PERIOD SIDE CHAIR Ca. 1780 rush seat chair with wooden pin construction crest.  No restoration to legs.  Fine condition.  38 1/2" h x 19" w x 14 1/2" d.  EST. $200. - $400.
199 WINDSOR FAN BACK SIDE CHAIR  Nine spindles. Old surface.  Very good condition.  36" h x 15" w x 15" d.  EST. $150. - $250.
200 EARLY INDIANA CHERRY PRESS Unusual press with two drawers at the top over two doors with full turned columns and one shelf inside with drawer below.  French style feet on front and turned feet on back.  Fine dovetail construction.  Poplar secondary wood.  Fine original finish in fine condition.  49" h x 41 1/2" w x 20 1/2" d.  EST. $1000. - $2000.
201 EARLY CHERRY TALL CASE CLOCK Hood has broken arch top, full columns and dovetailed case.  Scalloped door and full turned columns at base.  Repair to top door.  Wag on the wall works with handpainted dial.  EST. $1000. - $2000.
202 LARGE FRENCH MARBLE MANTLE CLOCK A fine French mantle clock with porcelain dial and outside escapement.  Brass key wind works, marked "Marte, Medaille DeBronze" with original pendulum inside a marble case with beveled glass front.  Lacking back cover; otherwise, all in fine condition.  19" h x 22 1/2" w.  EST. $500. - $1000. 
203 GILBERT FLAMED MAHOGANY SHELF CLOCK Fine shelf clock with brass works and original tablet.  Paint flakes to tablet.  One small chip to front; otherwise, fine condition.  19" h x 10" w.  EST. $100. - $200.
204 ADMIRAL SCHLEY PRESS OAK SHELF CLOCK Eight day time and strike movement lacking alarm with paper dial marked "Welch".  Pressed oak case in original finish with top having portrait of Admiral Schley flanked by U.S. flags, sides with ship and base with the anchors and stars.  Gilt tablet with Brooklyn ship.  Slight wear to dial; otherwise, original condition.  24" h x 15 1/2" w.  EST. $400. - $800.
205 U.S. FLEET OAK SHELF CLOCK Seth Thomas clock with eight day time and strike movement with paper dial marked "Seth Thomas".  Silver gilt tablet with fleet of ships.  Oak case with original finish.  Paper label on back reads "Souvenir of Wonderful Peace Cruise of the U.S. Fleet, Around the World, 1907-1908-1909" and eight day half hour instructions.  Fine condition.  23" h x 15" w.  EST. $100. - $300.
206 AMERICAN CUCKOO CLOCK COMPANY CUCKOO CLOCK Fine American cuckoo clock with carved and painted deer head with glass eyes at crest and painted carved rabbit hanging from one side and painted carved pheasant hanging from other side.  Heavily carved clock with remnants of original paper label on back which reads "American Cuckoo Clock Co. Manufacturers, Philadelphia, PA.".  Antlers old replacement.  One chip at top near antler; otherwise, good condition.  24" h x 17" w.  EST. $300. - $600.
207 EARLY CHERRY TWELVE PANE TWO PIECE CORNER CUPBOARD Two door top with center drawer and two doors below.  Patch in back possibly for outlet.  79" h x 54" w.  EST. $1800. - $2400.
208 RARE WALNUT ONE DOOR CASED SPICE CHEST  Interior with seven drawers.  Three drawers over two split drawers over two long drawers.  Original drawers show some wear and door shows possible repair.  21 1/2" x 17" w x 14" d.  EST. $1500. - $2500.
209 WALNUT ONE DRAWER BLANKET CHEST Blind dovetails and turned feet.  32" h x 37" w x 18 1/2" d.  EST. $400. - $650.
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Lot # 175 - 209