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This auction includes items from a Warren County, Ohio 50 year collection and other estates.


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271 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWI SCRAPBOOK SOLDIER IN THE QUEEN'S OWN RIFLES OF CANADA  This large scrapbook (10” x 14”) appears to have been put together by Bob Campbell an enlisted man in the 2nd Regiment of the Canadian Queen’s Own Rifles during his service in France in WWI. Bob appears in more of the photos than any of the other soldiers, but most of the others are also identified by names. There are circa 100+ post cards, many with Ms. text on reverse and a large number of these are real photo post cards of the soldiers of this unit, as well as many showing battle damaged cities and towns. In addition there are several photographs (circa 2” x 3”) including one of their camp at Vimy, France, the site of one of their more important battles. In addition there are a large number of photographs from Canada, most appear to be from the turn of the century, including, nurses, many other family photos, including an unusually large number of very attractive young ladies. There are also a large number of photo post card of a disastrous explosion in Halifax. The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada saw a lot of action during the war and some of the more important battles and campaigns that they took part in included St. Julien; Hill 70; Passchendaele; Amiens; Somme, 1916; Flers-Courcelette; Canal du Nord; Pursuit to Mons; & Vimy, 1917. Some roughness to scrapbook but nothing is pasted into it and all the photos and cards are in very good to fine condition. 200 400
271A TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWI CAMPAIGN MEDAL MAJOR H.C. MABEN 14TH WORCESTERSHIRE REGT A silver service medal and ribbon marked on edge “Major N.C. Maben”. Maben was with the 14th Worcestershire Regiment during WWI and was awarded the M.C. for actions in the Salient; awarded the D.S.O. for actions on March 25th in the Salient, 1917. Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross, both awarded while he was a Captain, a fairly rare occurrence during this war. Military Cross 3rd Level medal for Gallantry in the Line of Battle. Lot includes the original paper envelope in which the medal was given and a leather pouch in which it was stored. Fine condition. 100 300
272 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWI DIARY OF PVT. CHAS. A. SCHULDT A.E.F., 34TH ENGINEERS A 66pp diary in brown cloth broads (4.75” x 7.25”) both Ms. ink and typed headed Pvt Chas. A. Schuldt, Jr. Co G, 34th Engrs., A.P.O. 712. A.E.F. Nearly all the pages have laid in typed poems about his service in France during the war, all appear to be original poems by him. In addition there are a number of military documents laid in, such as partially printed “Shop Orders” dated April 1st reading “Recolor, and load in crates, 500 tons white lamp black.” Note the date, who said the Army has no scene of humor. There are several partially printed passes for leave for Charles, several tipped in maps and tickets to various locations in France and movie theaters and other shows, tipped in meals tickets and cinema programs. A brief summery of his service in France is as follows: “Enlisted Feb. 24th, 1918 at Newark, N.J. Attached to Co C, 312 Inf Feb 25th. Transferred to Co G, 34th Engrs Apr 3rd. Left Camp Dix for overseas July 9th, 18. Arrived Brest France July 18th 1918. To St. Nazaire July 24th 1918. To Is-sur-Tille Aug 6th, 1918. In hospital Sept 26th to Nov 15th. Furlough to Grenoble Dec 21 to Jan 2, 1919. Traveled on S.O. 164 C Mar 1 to 23rd. Went to Andernach, Coblenz, Luxemburgh, Verdum, Chateau-Thierry, Trier and Paris. Under Arrest from Mar 11 to mar 22. Was in the Bastille from Mar 15 to Mar 21. Left Is-sur-Tille May 31st. Fwding Camp lemons, left June 7th. Belgian camp left June 14th. Left Brest June 22nd aboard Von Stueben. Arrived N.Y. Bay June 24th. Camp Merritt June 30th to July 3rd. Camp Dix July 3rd to July 5th. Honorably discharged July 5th praise him from whom all blessing flow.” Most of the interesting things Charles writes about the war are in his poems, such as the following entitled “I’ll say So: When you ride a thousand kilos; On a French troop train; and then tramp a hundred further; thru the mud and drizzling rain; When your pack feels like a load of bricks; Your feet and back are sore; and you haven’t drawn a nickel’s pay; For ninety days and more; And you haven’t got a centime left; To buy a fresh cigar; You’re kinder out of luck, feller; I’ll say you are. When you hit the hay at midnight; As tired as you can be; Just to rise again at daybreak; At the sound of reveille; When you drill from early morning; Till the sun is going down; Then get assigned to K.P.; When you crave a pass to town; And you spend your leisure moments; Scrubbing kettles, pan and pot; It’s not the kind of life you hoped for; I’ll say it’s not! But you’re playing a position; In the worlds great game of ball; And you wouldn’t miss the chance to see; The biggest game of all; But when they call a strike to you; Grit your teeth and show some steam; And remember that your signed up with; The winning pennant team; And that all the knocks you’re getting; Army chow, fatigue and drill; Will make a man out of you feller; I’ll say it will!” Some of the other titles include the following: “For I’m Only a Stevedore; Twelve General Orders; A Soldiers Prayer; The Battle of Is-Sur-Tille; A Soldiers Vision; Little Sister; The History of Co G; Cheers; In the Service of Supply; Reflections of the A.E.F.; Standing in Line; The U.S. Engineers; What’s an Engineer; Passing the Buck; Sunny France; The Elusive Cootie; The Buck’s Lament; Mrs. Malone and the Censor; The Fighting Thirty-Fourth; After the War is Over; Co G 34th Engrs.; The Absent Quad; Pick and Shovel; Down on the Farm; In the Engineers; Salvation Army Lass; Fags; You and Me Both; War and Peace; The U.S. Engineers; The Last Long Mile; & The Girl of Girls; Moving Day in Our Company.” There is a tilled in typed letter from the chief of Engineers in the A.E.F., a Major Kingsbury thanking the 34th for a job well done dated May 26th, 1919; an order sending Charles as a guard guarding two American soldiers and other items of interests in this very interesting diary. Some of the paper is toned, and normal folds on tilled in items, binding worn as expected, still over-all it is very good. 150 300
272A TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 2 WWI BRITISH CAMPAIGN MEDALS PLUS  Both silver with names and numbers engraved on edges including “S-6749 PTE. H. Black. Gordons.” & “338515 GNR. W.H. Hall. G.F.A.”; plus a brass Royal Welsh Fusillers clip pin; and a 19th century stamped brass British “GC” military coat button. All fine condition. 150 300
273 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR TWO WWI ERA MILITARY FUNERAL PHOTOS  Both 8" x 10" on large original gray card stock mounts showing hose drawn wagon with coffin draped with U.S. flag with mounted and foot military escort. Minor soil, very good. 100 200
274 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FRAMED PHOTO OF WWI SOLDIER A uniformed portrait of a young dough boy with patriotic surround.  In marbleized frame.  18 1/2" x 21 1/2". Fine condition. 100 150
275 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR AMERICAN WWII HELMET & LINER  With original chin strap, unmarked. Minor expected wear from a war used helmet, otherwise fine. 80 120
276 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR NAZIS LUFTWAFFE WWII HELMET  In worn original painted finish with worn Luftwaffe decal on left side, original liner. As above, fine condition. 100 200
277 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR NAZI MEDALS AND PHOTOS Lot of 8 or 10, including two different enameled Nazi party pins, an enameled silver pin from the 1936 Olympics and two other pins, one Nazi's and the other enameled silver.  Lot includes two photo postcards including one Adolph Hitler and one of German army artillery unit in action.  Lot also includes two pair of Germany army goggles in their fabric cases.   All fine except Olympic pin has chips to enamel. 150 250
278 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWII FIGHTER PILOT ARCHIVE OF CAPT. R.J. DUFFIELD  Circa 60 items. Capt. Duffield was a fighter pilot in North Africa and European theatre. This archive includes a framed group with purple heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with two bronze oak leaf attached, North African ribbon bar with 4 attached stars, pair of silver pilots wings, Lt. & Capt. silver rank insignia. sharpshooters sterling medal with Aerial Gunner hanger, silver caterpillar pin, enameled Prepare for Combat pin, two different 1st Army Air corps shoulder patches, the rip-cord and patch of his silk parachute he used when he was shot down and other campaign ribbons and photo of Duffield seated in his fighter plane. Also included in the archive are another caterpillar pin, pilots wings, Prepare for Combat enameled pin, purple heart ribbon bar with 2 oak leaf attached and other pins. His dog tags and military ID cards and a small photo album with photo of his shot down plane, fragment of shrapnel and more. Robert J. Duffield flew a P40 fighter plane. Most are excellent. 400 600
279 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWII ARCHIVE SGT. A. BOBINGER, 550TH ORD. CO. W/2 BRONZE STARS  Adolph Bobinger was an engine mechanic and welder before the war and the Army put his skills to use during the war in the 55th Ord. co. where he maintained and repaired everything from jeeps to tanks, trucks to airplanes. He served in Europe and received two Bronzed Stars included in original cases, three European Theatre campaign ribbon bars, one with three attached stars. Lot also has a boxed WWII Victory medal with attached ribbon and ribbon bar, two WWII Good Conduct Medals with attached ribbons and two extra ribbons, 2 silver marksman pin back medals, each with “Rifle” hanger, many collar emblems, dog tag, 2nd Lt. bar, 4 Sgt. rank shoulder patches, and other sleeve bar patches, 2 brown leather Army belt with brass buckles, Army driving goggles, shaving kit and other personal toiletries, boxed Kodak Bantam camera, This archive includes a large number of original photographs taken by him during and shortly after the war. Many of these images are from the Buchenwold Concentration Camp and include stacks of human corpses, partially burned bodies in the yard, the crematoria ovens. Other images show captured and downed German aircraft including a rare late war Me 262 jet fighter, Fw 190 and others. One of the images appears to show a German fighter plane on a strafing run, likely an Me 109. One very unusual image shows a group of 7 U.S. soldiers in combat outfits in a rubble strewn courtyard in two lines, front kneeling and rear standing with rifles pointed at unknown target, it looks a lot like a firing squad photo. A few of the images are certainly captured from German soldiers, as they show armed and well dressed soldiers standing at a train with a German Sheppard dog, others show U.S. fighter plane, ruined cities with U.S. troops, large groups of soldiers, groups of U.S. army trucks, the men of his unit working on trucks, jeeps, tanks, mobile artillery, other images of German tanks and much more including a large number of negatives. In total there are well over 200 photos from Europe. Not counting negatives or civilian photos from home. In addition there is a small poster (12.5” x 18”) from General Patton 3rd Army Corps, being General Order Number 98, dated 9 May 1945, with photo of Patton, being a thank you and congratulations to the 3rd Army corps for their service and accomplishments. Another poster of the same size showing all the unit shoulder patches in the 3rd Army Corps. There are two German soldiers lighters with their initial embossed on them in the archive. Also there are a few letters from Bob, some of which are V-Mail, and a large number of other military documents, none of which have been read or sorted through. Several post cards from Europe, military buttons, and many other personal items, many used during the war by Bob. A very interesting archive with more to discover, such as why he received two Bronze Stars. Most fine to very good.  300 500
280 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWII ARCHIVE ENSIGN R.E. HOOVER, U.S.N. TORPEDO PLANE PILOT  Served aboard the USS Natoma Bay CVE 62, a Casablanca class escort carrier was launched in July of 1943 commanded by Capt. Harold L. Meadow. Part of the 3rd fleet in the Pacific and saw considerable action in support of island landings and naval battles throughout 43 and 44. During the Battle off Samar in Oct. of 44 the Natoma Bay was the command ship facing a far superior Japanese naval force but the task force was victorious, when all those above thought it would be destroyed. In 1945 she was involved in many battles including the assault on Iwo Jima, where she provided air cover en route and during the invasion and fight to take the island. Her VC-81 squadron was replaced at this point with VC-9 made up of fighters and Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo planes. This was the plane and squadron that Hoover was a part of. She participated in the Okinawa invasion and strikes on chichi Jima during which the carrier was badly damaged when a Zero dropped a bomb on it and crashed into the flight deck, killing and wounding several crew. After this she retired for repairs and by the time she was again sea worthy the war was over. The Natoma bay earned seven battle stars during the war, and flew over 2200 sorties, 8,914 combat hours and destroyed 1 Japanese Battlecruiser, 1 Destroyer, 14 cargo ships and 26 aircraft as well as destroying man y targets on the ground during the numerous invasions that took part in.  This is a very large archive that covers Hoovers training at Pensacola Naval Training Station, his service in California and Hawaii, his service aboard the Natoma Bay, and his post war work with Wright Aviation Company in Ohio. A very partial and briefly described list of what this archive contains follows: Hookers papers from his training at Pensacola Air Training center, including graduation certificates; his fight pant, leather sheep skin; his flight helmet, with chin strap; also leather sheep skin, his flight goggles, navy Lt. shoulder boards in original box; bundles of military orders covering training and war a large scrap book from the war and just post, mainly newspaper clippings; two copies of Carrier War by Lt. Oliver Jensen, 1945; both framed and unframed photographs of Ensign and Lt. Hoover in his plane and uniform; many 8” x 10” photographs including squadron of TBF Avenger Torpedo planes in flight, Carrier from the air, pilots in rows in front of one of their planes, sailors, likely mechanics in front of plane, view of 8 avengers in flight taken from another plane in same formation, quite a close view, great view of carrier with Avengers on deck taken from plane, more views of carrier, composite photo of the squadron with inset images of each pilot seated in open cockpit all with identifying captions below with squadron emblem at center. There are a large number of smaller photos including USS Seboney at Pearl, two destroyers at dock, several of groups of pilots at rest and during shore leave, Hoover with his girl and much more. List of members of Composite Squadron 81; pages of allied aircraft identification sheet; service men’s handbook with addresses; a few personal letters and telegrams; nice lot of cards from Maui Country Club, Naval Air Station Kahului, Maui, T.H., Maui Free Library, U.S. naval Receiving Station Pearl, and temporary drivers license, Ventura, Ca. A typed letter to the government from Serviceman’s Wives complaining about the lack of sex; a 8” x 12” charcoal drawing of a Avenger in flight signed Hoover and dated 45; 10 sectional aeronautical charts, most from the west coast but one from Cincinnati, most marked Restricted or classified; green wool service cap; 3 sons in service window flags; Flight surgeon’s certificates; Navy booklet entitled “Going Back to civilian Life”; booklet entitled “Story of the Naval Air Training Center”; wonderful group of football programs including Oct. 20 1944 Miami vs. Jax Naval Air Station orange Bowl; Sept. 29, 45 So. Calif. Vs. Calif.; Nov. 25 44 Michigan vs. Ohio State, & Ft. Pierce Amphibious Base vs. Univ. of Miami, n.d., all in near mint condition; pamphlet entitled “A Shire to Art Official Souvenir Autograph Book of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Hollywood, Calif.”; nice group of military pamphlets, teaching aids but humorous in nature with cartoon drawings including the following titles “Fuel Saving Sense; Playing for Keeps; Oxygen Sense; & Air Information Sense”; chart for naval flag codes; several editions of “The Naval Reservist”46-47; several editions of “The Spindrift” U.S. navy Pre-Flight School, 1943; Naval Aviation News; Navy Pay Receipts; 8 Navy books on various aspects of flying; copy of “All Hands” a Navy mag; “Our Navy May 1 44” another Navy mag,; group of newsletters from “The Natoma Bay association; two American ?Legion caps; plus another large box of papers and photographs from the post war, dealing with aviation and the Wright Aviation Co. Most are Fine to Very Good, a few items with wear and damage. 300 500
281 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR HUGE LOT 50-60'S MILITARY & CIVIL WAR AVIATION LITERATURE Lot of circa 130+, including the following: thirty-three 8” x 10” silver print photographs from the Wright Air Development Center, that include three photographs of Orville Wright receiving two different awards. Many others of employees in front of aircraft; 37 publications on military and civilian aviation including from G.E.;  W.A.D.C.; AAF Material Command; Dayton, U.S. Navy; U.S. Dept. of Commerce Civil Aeronautic Admin., U.S. Army; U.S.A.F.; Fowler Aeronautical Inc.; Pan American; and others; Plus 17 magazine type periodicals including Aviation Week; Skyline; Flying; Naval Aviation News; Flying Safety; Air Force and Space Digest; Air Progress; and others; Plus circa 24 newsprint type newsletters from various military and civilian aviation companies and organizations; Plus post card of TWA Grand Constellation; Plus an interesting pamphlet entitled “You Can Survive the Atomic Bomb, What to do in an attack”; and a large number of personal notebooks and other items. Most very good, a few only fair. 200 400
282 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR TWO WWII NAVAL AUTOGRAPHS, NIMITZ & FORRESTAL Both TLS on Navy letterhead, circa 8” x 10”. Both fine. 100 150
283 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWII RED CROSS UNIFORM A woman’s uniform dress with original patches and buttons and matching cap, with all collar pins, smaller size with circa 24” waist. Minor wear, fine condition. 100 150
284 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 6 WWII AVIATION BOOKLETS  Includes two boxed decks of cards entitled “Japanese Aircraft and Ships” & U.S. Navy Aircraft and Ships”; plus illustrated booklet (4.5” x 7.4”) entitled “Meet the SNJ-13” with 121 illustrated pages, also know as the T-6; plus a booklet entitled “The Punch Below the Belt”, (7.75” x 5.2”) with 113 Illustrated pages; plus booklet entitled "Flat-Hatting Sense 1943" (7" x 9.75") with 22 illustrated pages; and booklet entitled "Silhouette Handbook of United States Army Air Forces Airplanes", 1942, (8.4" x 11") with 50 illustrated pages.   All very good.  100 200
285 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 16 NAVAL AERIAL PHOTOS OF U.S.  Including N.Y.C., Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, Los Angeles FDR Estate Hyde Park, Long Beach, Ca., Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Oakland Bay Bridge, West Point, and others, all circa 1950 and circa 10” x 18”. Very good.  100 150
286 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWI FLYING LEATHER HELMET Brown leather with chin strap with tan leather lining.  Marked "NAF1092, Slote & Klein". Very good condition. 60 120
287 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR TWO WWI LEATHER FLYING HELMETS  Both in brown leather with chin straps and white felt liners. Both fine. 100 150
288 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWI AIRPLANE CLOCK  With enameled dial with second dial below center with brass spring driven key wind movement set in a nickelled brass mount, 3.25” diameter x 3” deep. Not currently running, otherwise fine condition.   80 120
289 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR WWI 48TH CANADIAN HIGHLANDERS UNIFORM  In the traditional Scottish Highlander dress style, includes kilt, 2 different caps, one with unit badge, nickel two part belt plate with thistles, white belt with plain buckles, two different silver mounted spottan (day & dress), and a shawl that is the same pattern as the kilt with two attaches insignia, including one reading "2 Queens Own Rifles of Canada". The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada saw a lot of action during the war and some of the more important battles and campaigns that they took part in included St. Julien; Hill 70; Passchendaele; Amiens; Somme, 1916; Flers-Courcelette; Canal du Nord; Pursuit to Mons; & Vimy, 1917. Fine condition. 400 600
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