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This auction includes items from a Warren County, Ohio 50 year collection and other estates.


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211 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR KEIST VUKOVIC (CZECH REPUBLIC) OIL PAINTING Keist Vukovic (Czechoslovakia, 1920-1940) 5 1/2" x 4 3/4" oil on board still life of flowers.  Signed "K. Vukovic" lower right.   Good condition. 80 150
212 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR LEENDERT DE VOGEL (20TH CENTURY) OIL PAINTING Leendert de Vogel (1909-1974) 24" x 20" oil on canvas of town scene.  Signed lower right "de Vogel".   Fine condition. 100 300
213 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR DAISY M. SMITH (UNITED KINGDOM) WATERCOLOR Daisy Smith (United Kingdom, 1923-1940) 28 1/4" x 20 1/2" still life watercolor on paper of florals.  Signed lower right "Daisy M. Smith". Fine condition. 100 300
214 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR SIGNED KORT (GERMAN) OIL PAINTING Kort, born in Germany, 1928.  20" x 16" oil on canvas of landscape.  Signed lower right "Kort". Fine condition. 100 300
215 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FINE ASTRAL LAMP W/PRISMS  Clear frosted shade with cut vintage pattern, brass mounts with clam broth stem with gilt scroll painted decoration, stepped white marble base with cast bronze surrounds, 24” high. Electrified, otherwise fine condition.   200 400
216 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FINE ASTRAL LAMP W/PRISMS Frosted clear glass shade with cut vintage pattern, brass fluted column, white marble base with cast bronze surround, 18.5” high. Fine condition. 100 200
217 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FINE ASTRAL LAMP Lacking shade with cut prisms, brass fluted column, stepped white marble base with cast bronze surround, 16” high. As above, electrified, otherwise fine condition.   100 300
218 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR UNUSUAL CLEAR GLASS OIL LAMP Etched glass shade resting on unusual tree part base with separate center collar, possibly Heisey glass.  30 1/2" high. Very good condition. 150 350
219 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FINE DOUBLE STUDENT LAMP In brass and cast bronze with floral decoration, with period 10” diameter ribbed milk glass shades, electrified, 24” wide x 23” high. Good condition.  200 400
220 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR VICTORIAN BRASS DOUBLE STUDENT PIANO LAMP   In both cast bronze and brass, electrified and no shades, 56” high. Good condition. 200 400
221 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR PR. FINE VICTORIAN CUT BANQUET LAMPS  With ruby cut to clear fonts, cast Corinthian capital over fluted brass column and stepped brass base, brass burner marked “Hinks Duplex Patent”, 27” high. Good condition. 300 500
222 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR VICTORIAN ART GLASS BANQUET LAMP  With blow-out pink art glass font, Corinthian capital over fluted brass column and stepped brass base, brass burner has been electrified, oil lamp is 24” high. Good condition.  100 300
223 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR SIGNED FATHER LEO OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING 36" x 24" oil on canvas of "Town" scene.  Signed lower right "Fr. Leo" Fine condition. 100 200
224 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR ELMER A. STEPHAN (PA.)  WATERCOLOR Elmer A. Stephan (Pennsylvania, 1892-1944) 30" x 38" watercolor on thin board of a girl on a swing being pulled by a young man.  Stephan was known for his floral still lifes and as an illustrator. Good condition.  100 300
225 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR PAUL KUJAL (20TH CENTURY) OIL PAINTING Paul Kujal (Austrian 1894--) 24" x 36" oil on canvas landscape.  Signed lower left "P. Kujal".   Fine condition. 75 150
226 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR LUIGI KASIMIR (AUSTRIAN/AMERICAN) ETCHING Luigi Kasimir (Austrian, 1881-1962) 18 3/4" x 14 1/2" colored etching and aquatint.  Titled "Independence Hall".  Signed in pencil lower center "Luigi Kasimir".   Good condition. 100 300
227 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR ROBERT KASIMIR (AUSTRIAN, 1914--) ETCHING 18 1/2" x 14 1/2" etching and aquatint titled "U.S. Capitol".  Signed lower center "Robert Kasimir".   Good condition. 100 300
228 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR LARGE PENCIL SIGNED ETCHING OF SHIP 13" x 18" etching of large ship in harbor.  Pencil signed lower right with illegible signature and dated 19__ lower left.   Fine condition. 100 300
229 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 2 EARLY CINCINNATI HAND COLORED PRINTS  One entitled “New Custom House and Post-Office, Cincinnati, Ohio”, 9.5” x 6.5” sight, matted and framed, 10.5” x 14.5”; and second entitled “Public Landing, Cincinnati”, 5.5” x 10” sight, matted and framed 10” x 14.75”, both circa 1862. Fine, not removed from frames. 100 150
230 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 2 EARLY CINCINNATI HAND COLORED PRINTS  Of the city, one entitled “View of Cincinnati, Ohio From the Hill Back of Newport Barracks”, circa 1862, 5” x 8.5” sight, matted and framed 9.5” x 13”; and a circa 1880 print of downtown street scene, 6” x 9” sight, matted and framed 10.5” x 13.5”. Both Fine, not removed from frames. 100 150
231 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR EARLY PHOTOS, CINCINNATI TYLER DAVIDSON FOUNTAIN  Including a silver print 8.5” x 7” sight matted and framed and dated on the matt “April-1918” with flag hanging from the Mabley & Carrew Co. building; and an earlier photo 10.5” x 13.5” with Inscription on matt reading “Cincinnati, Ohio 5th & Vine Sts.” Both very good, not removed from frame. 100 200
232 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 1875 KENNY MAP OF CINCINNATI Printed by the Strobridge Litho Co., Cincinnati. Full title being “New Map of Cincinnati and Suburbs, Prepared Expressly by Strobridge & Co. For Illustrated Cincinnati, by D.J. Kenny, 1875”; 14” x 17.5” sight, matted and framed20.5” x 24”. Fine, not removed from frame. 100 200
233 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 2 VOL. SET OF CINCINNATI SANBORN CITY MAPS  Both in green cloth boards with leather title block pasted to front board (20” x 25”), volume 1 & 2. The full title is “Atlas of the City of Cincinnati, Ohio from Actual Surveys and Official Records” published by Sanborn Map Co., 1922. Volume 1 has 1-50 hand colored maps, while volume 2 has 51-95, all laid on canvas with blank backs (not back to back). These are highly detailed insurance maps with plans for all the buildings on each map. Vol. 1 binding is worn and broken, Vol. 2 is in good condition with minor wear.   200 400
234 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR S.B. MUNSON 1845 U.S. WALL MAP  One of the first U.S. maps with Texas as a State. This printed paper laid on canvas map is entitled "A New and Embellished Map of the United States Compiled from the Most Authentic & Latest Documents By S. Bishop Munsion 1845" with original wood dowel at bottom, 50" x 38" high, surrounded by vignettes of State Seals and portraits of the Presidents. Discolored, lacking top wood dowel, repaired split in canvas along vertical center, only Fair, could be restored as it is a very scarce and desirable map. 300 500
235 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FOLK ART MASONIC SIGN In hand wrought steel, being the square, compass and “G” symbol, 26.5” x 24”, early 20th century. Good condition. 100 200
236 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR F.O.E. PIQUA UMBRELLA  Circa 1890 with red, white and blue printed panels with "F.O.E. 614" & "Piqua" on white panels, black thorn crook handle, 39" diameter when open, 34" long with nickel ferrule. Good condition.  100 150
237 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR QUARTER PLATE DAGUERREOTYPE OF PAINTING OF A LADY   A full length photograph of an early painting of a lovely young lady holding lace kerchief and rose in hands with landscape background, mounted in early leather covered full case with early style brass matt. Solar ring and some light wipes, still very good. 100 200
238 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR 6TH PLATE DAGUERREOTYPE OF FOLK ART PAINTING    A fine circa 1850 anonymous photograph of a half length portrait of a lady in early leather covered full case with early arch top matt.  Minor solar ring, otherwise fine.  50 100
239 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR HALF PLATE HAND COLORED SALT PAINT BY A.F. RALLE    Of a young gentleman seated at table with an open book, beautifully hand colored and signed on table cloth “A.F. Ralle 1857”, mounted in a full leather covered case. Fine condition. 100 300
240 TURNED WOOD SHAKER MIRROR FOUR 6TH PLATE DAGUERREOTYPES All in embossed paper covered faux leather cases. Includes a fine bright image of middle aged gentleman with beard, plus portrait of mother and child and two other portraits of men. 1st fine; 2nd & 3rd slight solar ring; 4th poor. Two lids loose. 50 100
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